Today’s jaded wrestling fan

This is going to be a short post about how today’s wrestling fan is just so jaded with the current wrestling product. Anybody with access to a twitter, facebook, WordPress, or Google + account can lament at length about how the current product of wrestling sucks, or this storyline does this, or how this guy shouldn’t do this or that. Make sense? Let me illustrate.

Since this past Tuesday when the Smackdown spoilers leaked out, the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) has been up in arms about Santino being entered into the Elimination Chamber. As Sunday creeped closer, more people were seriously considering a Santino win and how terrible that would be for the “business”. See, Santino’s a joke, and doesn’t deserve to win a high profile encounter. He uses a finisher that is also a joke (The Cobra), so, how can he be deemed a legitimate threat to the Championship?


Santino (real name: Anthony Carelli) is one of the hardest workers on the WWE roster. And, I’ll add, is one of the most entertaining guys on the roster. Santino was the perfect guy to add to the match and give it the classic underdog story. I actually didn’t think he would make it into the match, as I figured Christian would attack him before the match and take his spot. Luckily, that didn’t happen, and Santino was still in the match.

And, heaven forbid, he did well. After years of toiling away in the WWE’s mid card, and being a comedic act, Santino eliminated two rising stars in Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett. He eventually lost the match when he tapped out to Daniel Bryan‘s Labell Lock. The IWC gasped a breath of relief…just long enough to start bitching about something again.

Now, the fans were upset that Santino went over on the two young guys. Oh, how could WWE do such a thing? How could they destroy the all important momentum of these rising stars right before WrestleMania?

My advice?

Calm down.

Wins and losses do not mean a thing in pro wrestling and never have. So please, stop acting like Santino rolling up Cody Rhodes is a burial worse than death. It’s not the Montreal Screwjob people. Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes will do just fine as they roll along to WrestleMania and beyond. It’s just how the internet fan is today though.

As far as Santino’s finisher goes, remember there was this guy name The Rock who won maybe a quarter of his matches with “The People’s Elbow“.

It just disappoints me that most of the fans today are so jaded. Santino’s story is a story that people can respond to, and from what I’ve heard the crowd was hot for the sequence between Bryan and Santino. But, rather than be entertained by a good match with wonderful psychology, the IWC has to crap the bed about how Santino doesn’t deserve a spot and how WWE is in the crapper and can’t book a match to save their life. I miss the days before the internet when I read Pro Wrestling Illustrated instead of opinionated jackasses on the net. Just slow down, and enjoy the story being told to you. In the end, WWE delivered a much better match with Santino’s story than whatever they would have done with Randy Orton. They gave fans a memorable story, and Santino’s greatest moment in the ring. And, they didn’t put the strap on him after all.

So, stop criticizing every minute. Take a minute to relive how it used to feel as a fan instead of an armchair critic for once.

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