My Independent Journey, Part One (New Moon Rising)

Saturday March 3rd I embarked in a journey across two states to see two independent wrestling promotions, and I have to say, it was an exciting day. I am very happy to report that the independents are alive and well.

The first stop was to see the promotion, “New Moon Rising” in Woodbury, NJ. “New Moon Rising” is the promotion for the Monster Factory Wrestling school (Correction: It was brought to my attention that The Monster Factory and New Moon Rising Wrestling are in fact two separate entities. I apologize for this error.)  While I didn’t catch everyone’s name (due in part to a horrible ring announcer and lack of a program provided), the action from bell to bell was top notch. While limited as to what could be performed because of a low ceiling, these guys all worked their asses off. There were some rough spots such as the ring announcing and some really bad promo spots, but for the most part this was a show all about the action.

The people I could catch their names were Harold Boyer (who apparently is making his return to the ring), the tag team of Empire (the smaller one, Blackie, truly impressed me), Luiz “The Punisher” and Jake Bishop did really well in a main event that saw “The Punisher” capture the Heavyweight title in a classic battle. I can not stress enough that the guys in the ring worked their butts off. It was exciting to see guys (and gal) that loved this business and had a passion to entertain the fans.

Perhaps, the highlight of the show was the Nigerian Nightmares defending their tag team titles. I have become quite a fan of the Nightmares since first seeing them in the documentary Card Subject to Change. I finally got to see them in action at the January 7th, ECWA show in Newark, Delaware. They performed “The Dumbo Drop” which is honestly a move which can not be described by mere words.

What I really like about the Nigerian Nightmares is the way they stay true to their gimmick. The play the savage from deepest, darkest Africa much in the vein of Kamala did for all those years. They speak in gibberish during the matches, and even have an extended pre match ritual where they dance while making “Ho Ha” sounds. After the match was over yesterday, and as the Nightmares were walking to the locker room, I started the “Ho Ha” chant. The Nightmare stopped, tilted his head, and started doing the “Ho Ha” chant back at me. That was such a great moment.

Nigerian Nightmares

Nigerian Nightmares (Photo credit: daysofthundr46)

It was an enjoyable start to the day. I would make the trip to Newark, Delaware for the second part of the Indy Doubleheader with ECWA. I’ll post my thoughts on that show later on today.

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5 Responses to My Independent Journey, Part One (New Moon Rising)

  1. Thank you for the writeup were glad we were able to entertain and we will work on our mic work. I only have one correction for your article and i know it was confusing due to said bad mic work, but we are not the promotion for Larry Sharpes Monster Factory. We are two seperate companies who have come together in a pertnership to help each other when we can.

    P.S. My spelling is as bad as my mic work

    • folsomcounty says:

      I’ll make the correction to the post. Thanks for stopping by and reading. I didn’t think you were all that bad on the mic. The opening segment was dreadful (you were part of it, but not responsible). It was confusing as you said.

      That said, most of the issues were the ring announcer. I know he’s just starting out, but it was bad.

      Again, thanks for responding. The in-ring product was top notch!

      • Thank you it means a lot to hear praise from fans/reporters but I’ll get the word out to the guys to spend some time infront of the mirror as well as in the ring. Hopefully on April 14th we can make an even bigger impression and thanks again for the write up it helps listening to the community is something were big on.

  2. Harold Boyer says:

    Thank you sir for your colorful writeup and your view on NMRWs’ march 3rds show glad we all can make a lasting impression on you.Looking foward to your future posts .e are mostly all guys who go back quite a few years in the independent industry and not that it is all glitz and glamour we just love what we do .

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