ECWA – The Road to the Super 8!

Last night (3/10), the Road to the ECWA 16th Annual Super 8 tournament made its final stop in Carney’s Point, NJ. It was a sold-out, standing room only crowd. From the opening bell to the final three count, it was a hot crowd that blew the roof off the building as the stars of ECWA wrestled in some of the best action ECWA has offered to date! To the wrestlers and the staff of ECWA a sincere thank you for bringing this action and “making me a fan all over again”!

Match 1 – CUJO “The Hellhound” vs. “Heartkiller” Chris Wylde

I saw CUJO years ago working for “Iron” Mike Sharpe‘s promotion. Chris Wylde is the cornerstone of ECWA. Before the match, the dubious manager of the Blackhearts, Joel Good…I mean, Blackheart, offered CUJO an undisclosed amount of money to take out the popular Wylde. In what was the proverbial back and forth affair, Wylde was finally able to put away the rabid CUJO with a sweet reverse neckbreaker.

Match 2 – Aida Marie vs. Jessie Kaye

Jessie Kaye works out of Gillberg’s Academy in Baltimore. She’s a young up and comer that has a bright future. Aida Marie hails from the Lemon Drop Nation or some such nonsense, and she just has not impressed me at all. Perhaps, being a Lemon Ninja is not my cup of tea. Regardless, Jessie Kaye worked over Marie for the entire match. Somehow, Aida Marie got the win out of nowhere.

Match 3 – TWA Championship Match – Breaker Morant (with Joel Blackheart and Mike Bruno) vs. “The Monster” AHTU

The masterminds of Blackheart. Photo courtesy of Ryan Deasy.

It speaks volumes when AHTU comes out like a man and stands alone for the match and TWA “Paper” Champion, Breaker Morant, needed two people to stand with him. Even though AHTU was still feeling the effects from from the vicious attack just a week ago from Blackheart, he came to win the title for the ECWA faithful.

With a hot crowd behind the action, the evil owner of ECWA, Mike Bruno distracted the referee to allow Joel Blackheart to slip brass knuckles to the TWA Champion. The obviously distracted referee then made the three count. Luckily, Senior Official, John Finegan saw the whole thing and reversed the decision and awarded AHTU the match by DQ. Unfortunately, the title can not switch hands on a DQ, and Breaker gets to walk out with his title another day.

Match 4 – Mid-Atlantic Title – Kekoa “The Flyin’ Hawaiian”(C) vs. #1 Johnny Silver

Photo courtesy of Tonya Yanzuk

Since winning the title at the K Cup in November from Chris Wylde, Kekoa has strung together an impressive string of victories and was looking to ride that momentum into this year’s Super 8. Standing in his way is the impressive Johnny Silver who has taken ECWA Champion Papadon to the limit twice now. Going into the show, this was the match I was looking most forward to, and these two did not disappoint.

For fifteen wonderful minutes, each man showcased their abilities in the ring. Both guys continually upped the ante, and neither man would quit. The psychology and the storytelling in this match was top notch. It was an absolute honor to witness this match where both guys went all out for the fans. Kekoa is one of the hottest guys in ECWA, and I honestly feel it’s just a matter of time before he gets noticed. He has the look, the skill, and his promo work is coming around.

In my many years of being a fan, and going to shows, this was one of the best matches I’ve seen. I was 2nd row for Funk and Sabu at “Born to be Wired”. I saw Flair and Michaels tear the house down in Wildwood, NJ. I’ve seen countless other matches during my time, and this was a special match that nearly anyone could enjoy. Congratulations to both guys for the supreme effort shown in that match. Kekoa, you are the #FutureoftheBusiness.

The match ended in a time limit draw that left the fans wanting more. An awesome display from two of the best on the indy scene.

Match 5 – All Money I$ Legal & Shockwave the Robot vs. Danny E & Ricky “The Model” Martinez (w/ Magnum & Gus Grand) and Mr. Ohh La La (w/ Coach Jim Shorts)

Oh, there were so many characters in this one. Ohh La La is one of my favorites with all his antics. Shockwave is one of the best “gimmick” wrestlers out there. Yet, calling him a “gimmick” wrestler doesn’t do him justice at all. He is one of the best workers I’ve seen. He connects with the kids in a big way too.

Photo courtesy of Tonya Yanzuk

The highlights of the match was the impromptu dance off, Shockwave’s high flying assault, and Ohh La La sitting on my fiancee’s lap after he got his clock cleaned. I’m starting to think he has a thing for my gal.

Shockwave and AMIL won after a top rope legdrop from Shockwave and a pin. Fun match.

Match 6 – Tornado Tag Team Match for the ECWA Unified Tag Team Championship – FUSION DS (Damien Dragon and Matt Saigon) (C) vs. The Midnight Sensations

I’m a true believer. There, I said it. FUSION DS is the most talented team in ECWA, and yet they are treated by ECWA terribly. Putting the champs in a Texas Tornado Match in an immediate rematch was just a biased call. The Midnight Sensations took full advantage of the No-DQ clause. The Sensations won the match in what I would call controversial fashion.

After the match, with tempers boiling, Damien Dragon called ECWA Booker, Joe Zanolle, out on the carpet. Zanolle had the nerve to get his officials to remove DS from the ring and escorted to the back! This was quite a turn of events, and I can not wait to see the next chapter in this tale. FUSION DS deserves a rematch, and it seems that ECWA is unwilling to do so.

Main Event: ECWA Heavyweight Championship Match – “Greek God” Papadon (C) vs. Aden Chambers

Aden Chambers is one of the few ECWA Grand Slam Champions. Papadon is currently the ECWA Heavyweight Champion who recently completed his first full year as champion. His name is etched into the history books with such illustrious former champions as Lance Diamond, Viper, and  Christian (yes, that Christian) as champions who have held the title for over a year. Papadon was looking to keep this amazing streak going into the Super 8. Chambers was looking for respect after coming back from a serious leg injury.

In what was a great back and forth match, Papadon won the hard fought bout after hitting Alpha Omega V.2 to get the pin. It was yet another impressive victory for the champion as he is now fully focused on making an impact in the ECWA Super 8 tournament.

Random Thoughts:

This was one of the hottest crowds I’ve been a part of. ECW crowds had their own type of heat, as do WWE crowds. This crowd last night was into nearly everything. It was a sellout, and literally a Standing Room Only affair. It was a fun night, and a hot crowd like that only makes it better.

I honestly feel that the magic is coming back to ECWA. After some lean years toward the end of Jim Kettner’s reign, Joe Zanolle and Mike Tartaglia are turning things around. They are attracting some of the best talent on the East Coast like Alex Reynolds, Johnny Silver, Bandido Jr., Azrieal, Tony Nese, and the aforementioned champions Papadon and Kekoa. And, in my opinion, there isn’t a better booked show in the indys. I’m not saying there isn’t a better “Smart Mark” promotion, or a better “niche” promotion. What I am saying is that there is not a better overall booked show right now. If you want a great 5 star match, Kekoa and Papadon (and many others on the roster) can deliver. You want comedy, there’s no one better than Mr. Ohh La La. There’s Women’s wrestling, Texas Tornado matches, strong brawlers, and just everything to let the whole family go home happy.

It’s a great time to get into a product that is getting hotter with each and every show.

The Super 8 is ECWA’s next show and features the top talent on the indy scene.

It was also announced that ECWA will return to Carney’s Point in June. Wonderful news for a great promotion!

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