Papadon vs. Kekoa

Just hours after winning the 16th Annual ECWA Super 8 tournament, “Greek God” Papadon has already caused more controversy.

It all started when Papadon gave an exclusive interview with the Tony Layne Show on BlogTalkRadio. After a seemingly cordial interview, Papadon soon unleashed a diatribe upon his next challenger for his ECWA Heavyweight title, Kekoa, “The Flyin’ Hawaiian”.

As host, Tony Layne, wished Papadon luck on the upcoming battle, he soon turned his venom upon the challenger, Kekoa.

“I don’t need luck. I have skill. I have talent. Luck is for losers.”

“Kekoa is not Hawaiian. He is just a dirty, dishwashing Mexican.”

“If he really is Hawaiian, and is a citizen of this fine country, I want to see a birth certificate. And, I want him to present his birth certificate on May 5th.”

“What the hell does Kekoa have? He is the Mid-Atlantic Champion…which means he is a champion in the ECWA. I am the champion of the ECWA. There is a big difference.”

“At the end of the day, it’s him and his thirty seven cousins are working at my uncle’s diner washing dishes and busing tables.”

Kekoa responded on twitter after Papadon egged him on through the popular social media site.

*Just an editorial note – the fans of ECWA chant “Papa John” at Papadon because of the similarity of the two names*

Kekoa later fired back on YouTube with this scathing video:

“Papadon, you call me a dirty Mexican, you call me whatever you want in the book! But, on May 5th, you’re going to call me victorious!”

Papadon quickly responded with another tweet:

It’s been quiet for the past several hours, but it seems that the opening shots in a potential war have been fired. Things seem to be getting personal between the two singles champions in ECWA. How this will all translate at the May 5, 2012 show is yet to be seen.

And, Kekoa has yet to release his birth certificate. What is it with Hawaii and birth certificates, anyway?

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