The Launching of “Hell in a Cell” Talk Radio

I’m excited to announce that starting this Wednesday, April 18th, “Hell in a Cell Talk Radio” will debut on BlogTalk Radio ( It is the culmination of a vision to provide wrestling fans with news and interviews from not only WWE and TNA, but also to listen to some of their favorite (or not so favorite) local indie stars.

While I was with the Tony Layne show, I interviewed Joe Zanolle, Kekoa, Bandido Jr., Papadon, and MMA fighter, Jeremy Uy. This tradition of providing quality interviews will continue, and I’m very happy that the response to the show has been very positive thus far. In the coming weeks, I look to bring interviews with both pro wrestling media and indie stars. I’m excited with the potential lineups we can bring.

Joining me for the show will be my cohort from “The Tony Layne Show”, Dan Law. Also, I will be joined by Mark “Go” Thompson whom I have great respect for, and have wanted to work with in some way for a while now.

The 1st show is booked. FUSION D.S, will join to talk about their feud with The Midnight Sensations. Also, #MrVIP, LJ Cruz will be on the show to discuss his journey in independent wrestling.

This show is not about me, or the cast; rather, the show is about giving a voice to independent wrestling. I sincerely thank everyone who is involved in some way with the show. I look forward to this.

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