2012 Wild Samoan Cup Results

First of all, allow me to congratulate Damian Dragon and Matt Saigon on winning the Samoan Cup yesterday (4/21) in Allentown, PA. It was a great surprise that they won, and it’s one of those wrestling related moments I’ll fondly recall. The tournament itself was very well done.

There were eight teams entered into the tournament in a single elimination format. The eight teams were:

  1. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
  2. Blk Jeez (Sabian) & Devon Moore from CZW fame.
  3. SWB/Oceans (Talented Black Wrestlers)
  4. A.C. Anderson & Havoc (South Side Terminators)
  5. The Untouchables (New Moon Rising Wrestling Tag Team Champions)
  6. FUSION D.S. from ECWA
  7. The Killer Studs
  8. Homicide & Boogalou (Natural Born Sinners)

The tournament results:


Devon Moore & Sabian defeated The Killer Studs after a five star splash by Sabian and a top rope splash by Moore…FUSION D.S. beat the Untouchables after Dragon hit a top rope elbow…Anderson & Havoc beat the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels…Homicide & Boogalou beat Black Talented Wrestlers by submission.

At this point, WXW C4 put on a series of confusing and long winded promos and angles. First, there was a woman wrestler named Niya who beat a Whitney Houston look a like in a passable match. Yet, I was still confused as to what was going on.

There was another angle where three guys came out (Cult of Charisma?) and cut a promo about something I had no idea about. Another dude came out. He had a beef with the three other guys or something…I was lost. Somehow, a gauntlet match between the one guy and the three guys broke out. It ended in DQ. I was thankful it was over.

Thinking we were getting on with the tournament, I sat in anticipation of who was coming out. Sadly, it was a skinny guy in a mask. He was followed out by a dirty, creepy lookin’ fella who had a cardboard championship of some type. After less than a minute of action, Afa Jr. (one of the Anoa’i’s) came out and destroyed the hapless pair in the ring. After a rather long intermission, the semi-finals were ready to begin.


Anderson and Havoc beat The Natural Born Sinners by DQ…FUSION D.S. defeated Sabian & Moore to go into the finals.

There was a championship match here as Lance Anoa’i beat some dude. I actually took a cigarette break as the match was starting. I just wasn’t looking forward to waiting around for the finals after the series of promos and unannounced matches I had already endured.

One thing I’ll never get about most independents is their willing lack to supply a program for the show. I do realize that making up a program on your computer, heading to Staples to make copies, and passing them out cuts into the budget. I get that. But, as a fan and quasi-reporter, I don’t know much about your promotion. I don’t know the feuds. I don’t know why Afa Jr. came out and destroyed two over-matched guys. High School Football teams have programs so you can put a name with a number. All I’m asking is simply invest in making a program so I know who these guys are.

Another thing I wasn’t too keen on was seeing an unprotected chair shot to the head in this day and age. It’s just irresponsible and too damned dangerous to do.

Enough of my critique…onto the finals!

Final to determine the 2012 Samoan Cup Champions

FUSION D.S. defeated Anderson and Havoc to win the Cup!

It was an awesome moment. Matt Saigon was so overcome by emotion he gave my friend, Ryan, a hug as he left the ring. The guys were gracious enough to pose for a few pics, and briefly talk with us after the show. It couldn’t have happened to two better and deserving guys.

As I wrote, the tournament was well done. The other stuff on the show…not so much. I do want to bring up the refereeing in the matches though. There was this referee that just seemed so lost out there. His officiating was atrocious…and not in a kayfabe sort of way. He was slow in his cadences, slow getting down and up, had to be reminded by the workers where to be. Oh, it was a sad display. I hope I never see that guy again. I almost felt bad for him as he glared out into the crowd like a deer caught in headlights. He was like a poor sow being led to slaughter…his fate already known, but he couldn’t stop the impending doom.

However, none of that takes away from what was and is one of FUSION D.S.’s greatest moments in their brief history together. They were the 1st Unified Tag Team Champions of ECWA, one of the few independent tag teams to be ranked in the Top 10 tag teams in PWI, former 2x Unified ECWA tag team champions, 2012 Samoan Cup winners…and soon to be ECWA Unified Tag champs again. On May 5th, hopefully, they will vanquish the proverbial aliens off of their backs and begin a new phase in ECWA.

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