What a weekend!

I went to two shows this weekend, and as always, I had a great time.

The ECWA card on Saturday in Newark, DE featured three great matches and enough surprises to shake a stick at. “Greek God” Papadon was inducted into the ECWA Hall of Fame by evil owner, Mike Tartaglia. By the end of the night, he would add the Mid Atlantic title to his collection of gold after defeating Kekoa “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” in a classic match up. Papadon would later sell the title to Tartaglia for an undisclosed sum of money.

The selling of the gold may tarnish the title a bit; yet, it does not take away from just how great of a story that Kekoa and Papadon told in the ring. Papadon, I think, is so smooth with every move, and every exchange, that some fans may just take him for granted. Kekoa continues to grow despite his 2012 record of 1-3-1 in ECWA. Honestly, ECWA has a few guys who are ready for the next level, and two of them were gracing the ring on May 5th.

Anyway, the show was excellent for a few reasons. Besides watching the legacy of Papadon grow before our eyes. We also were treated to the final match in the year long saga between the Midnight Sensations and FUSION D.S. I, for one, am happy to see the tassel-bound Botchations leave. Somehow, these guys built a solid and rabid base of fans. Yet, I am confident in ECWA management in lining up solid contenders for the belts. As such, Bandido, Jr. and Azrieal (current CZW Tag Champs) are the first in line with a recent Top 10 ranking in PWI. June 2nd is their shot.

Also, there was a great TWA title match between Breaker Morant and Chris Wylde. Wylde won the title in a tremendous match that saw him launch himself off the top of the sound cage onto Morant. Wylde really went all out, and the title win furthers his legacy in the ECWA.

There was also a Four Corners Top Contender Match that also wins the championship for longest title of a match. Josh Daniels was the surprise winner when he made #1 Johnny Silver tap out. Will this win drive a wedge between Blackheart member Daniels and Bobby Shields? Only time will tell.

Hall of Famer, Mr. Ohh La La was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Ohh La La then stated he wanted a chance at Papadon’s Heavyweight title. He was quickly KO’ed by the boss. Papadon then pinned him in just seconds. However, Ohh La La had his opportunity cashed in for him, and Joe Zanolle has made a match between Ohh La La and Tartaglia on June 2nd for Tartaglia’s tarnished Mid-Atlantic title.

In other action, Cole Calloway pinned Ricky Martinez. This writer is still waiting for Martinez’s chance to shine. Corey Blaze and Kid USA fought to a no contest when Kid America (Mike Kehner) interfered and attacked Blaze. AHTU and Mustapha Aziz fought to a double count out.

Then on Sunday, “Hell in a Cell talk Radio” was LIVE on location at New Moon Rising Wrestling in Woodbury, NJ. We had a great time doing the show and getting to know a lot of the guys better. Tank Toland was a great interview, and I look forward to having him on for an extended interview on the Wednesday program in the near future. Robert Knight was entertaining as usual. American Roughneck, ME Society, Mike Reed, Marc Cruz, Jimmy Dylan, and more were all great in their stop at the table. But, Empire members, Blackie and Ty Reno sold the show. These guys just say entertainment. Mark and I could have left and the show may have been better for it!

The show NMWR put on was also fun and groundbreaking. The ME Society took over early in the show. Justin America and American Roughneck put on an entertaining street fight. The Nightmares showed up despite their suspension. Mike Reed was stripped of the US title and Robert Knight seemingly took possession of the belt again. But, Tank Toland and QT Marshall stole the show with an exciting, and well wrestled match. The fans and the fellow workers on the show were blown away and rightfully so. Tank really is an impressive, and nice, guy.

The end of the show featured one of the most impressive brawls I’ve ever seen. Poor Jake Bishop didn’t deserve what he got, though. The ME Society will rise once again stronger than before.

It was an honor to do the show, and I only hope we get the chance to do it again sometime. It was one of those moments that I’ll never forget. I think the final product came out well, even if I had to edit out a few interviews because of sound issues. Despite the kinks, and the overall issues, I think NMRW enjoyed it as we did.

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