Valor Pro Wrestling 5/19/2012

I’ve been struggling with this because I do not want to be negative about a promotion’s first show. I really, really don’t want to do that at all. I’m not going to write that this was a bad show, because it most certainly wasn’t a bad one. With the exception of a well-executed main event battle royal and a few other matches, it just was not a well-oiled machine. On a positive note, the crowd did seem into all the hijinks. This was one of the better indy crowds I’ve been a part of.


  1. Adam Flash pinned Rockin’ Rebel after a rollup.
  2. Ray Alexander defeated Prodigy PTV after a frog splash.
  3. The Nigerian Nightmares beat Iron City after a Dumbo Drop and a Full Moon Sault. As a result, the Nightmares retained the World Six-Man trophy.
  4. Shockwave pinned Tony Mask (w/Goat Boy) with a backslide.
  5. Sonjay “Gotta Get Home” Dutt won a three way also involving Bobby Shields and Aramis.
  6. Mega Destroyer pinned K’ras Van Tasel with a rollup.
  7. Big Daddy Ruthless pinned Hybrid after a big splash.
  8. Psychotic Erotic (Nemo and Adrian Bliss) beat King Blackie and Ty Reno (The Gunnaz) after a top rope slam.
  9. In a battle royal, and “Match Beyond” to determine the 1st Valor champion, Bobby Shields outlasted 19 other competitors last defeating Adam Flash.

First, what I liked, and I think worked. The Nigerian Nightmares were dominating as they should be. A third Nightmare debuted last night, and he can do some amazing things despite his size.

The Battle Royal was booked well, with a good selection in the winner. Bobby Shields is a damn good talent. I was speaking with the Nigerian Nightmare’s translator moments before Shields’ win and commented, “Bobby should win this one. I have that feeling.” Luckily, my prediction rang true. Even the Ryback chants didn’t bother him as much as before.

Ray Alexander and Prodigy PTV had a great battle that went all over the fire house. It was one of the better brawls I’ve seen in a while that ended with a decisive finish.

Now, onto the bad.

There was a complete lack of imagination in the finishes of a lot of the matches. The Rockin’ Rebel match ended in a rollup. The Tasel/Destroyer match ended with a rollup. And, the Shockwave/Tony match ended with a backslide. The three aforementioned matches all felt abrupt in their respective endings. Most jarring was Shockwave’s match that ended without Shockwave’s legdrop off the top. However, despite the glaring lack of ring psychology, the fans still responded to all the above matches…so, who am I?

Another thing that was bugging me about the entire setup was that the idea behind Valor Pro was that it was built on the “Code of Valor”. There are five articles in the “Code of Valor” taken from their website. (

Article I: Respect For Your Fellow Competitor

Article II: Respect For The Fans

Article III: Respect For The Officials

Article IV: Fair Competition

Article V: Championship Titles

My question is, why make these codes if only a few people will follow them? Why book the show to have one guy try to cripple another? Why would you allow managers on the outside if they are obviously there to influence the match…which is a direct violation of the code. Maybe I was the only one who checked the site, but it bothered me.

With all this said, I still don’t think it was a bad show at all. In fact, it was a pretty fun card that also featured the Nigerian Nightmares dancing…so, what’s wrong with that? Maybe I was just grumpy from a rather long drive from New Jersey to see this. Maybe I was upset I missed a Chris Wylde/Matt Saigon match.

All in all, it was a fun card that just left me shaking my head at times. That is not to say that I believe it was a “bad” show at all. When all is said and done, what matters is how the performers connected with the crowd. What’s important is how the fans felt about it. I’m happy to say that for the fans, it was a great night of action from a promising new promotion.

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