Looking back to the EVOLVE 17/CZW “Down With the Sickness” Doubleheader!

Saturday, September 8th 2012 was a landmark day for independent wrestling as EVOLVE returned to the Philadelphia Metro area, and CZW followed up a very good “Tangled Web V” with their annual “Down With the Sickness”.

EVOLVE 17 opened up the doubleheader to an excited crowd.

Open The Freedom Gate match: Johnny Gargano defeats Jon Davis via count out.

Lince Dorado defeats Jigsaw.

Christina Von Eerie defeats Marti Belle.

Sami Callihan and Pinky Sanchez defeat The Scene:

Caleb Konley & Scott Reed by submission.

Masada defeats Sami Callihan via submission.

Rich Swann and The Super Smash Bros defeat Chuck Taylor, Drew Gulak, and Orange Cassidy.

Ricochet defeats AR Fox

Main Event: El Generico def Samuray Del Sol after a  brainbuster onto the top turnbuckle.

What a great show! What I like about a show like EVOLVE is it was entirely about the wrestling. There was little to no nonsense, long winded promos, or anything taking away from the product. It was a great show headlined by two matches that were absolute clinics.

Both the Ricochet/AR Fox and the El Generico/Del Sol matches were action packed, fast paced, and hard hitting matches. And, the fans were into each move and each exchange. One of my biggest pet peeves is going to a show with a dead, mouth breathing crowd. A good crowd can make a lackluster show better. A great crowd makes a good show great, and so-on. The pops for Sami Callihan and especially El Generico shook the roof of the Flyers Zone. This was a smart, and a fun crowd.

And, it was a pleasure seeing El Generico in action LIVE for the 1st time.

CZW “Down With The Sickness” Results:

Shane Strickland defeated Rich Swann

Drew Gulak & Kimber Lee beat Greg Excellent & Mia Yim with Lee pinning Yim

Pepper Parks w/ Cherry Bomb defeats Kekoa w/ Sunny with an elbow drop off the top.

CZW Tag Titles: Danny Havoc & Devon Moore retained the tag titles against Rory Mondo and Ron Mathis after a  No contest due to interference from Alex Colon & Mr. Tofiga

Ruckus defeats Alex Colon with help from Devon Moore

Matt Tremont defeats Solo in :36 after a chair shot

Sami Callihan & Jake Crist defeat The Super Smash Bros. via double submissions on both members of SSB

Masada retained the CZW World title after defeated El Generico.

Main event: AR Fox defeats Dave Crist in a Ladder Match to unify the Jr Heavyweight Title & Wired TV Title.

Photo courtesy of http://www.snapmare.com

After a nearly perfect “Tangled Web”, it was going to be difficult for CZW to up the ante. The show did a good job of making Matt Tremont looking strong in his upcoming “Squared Circle of Fear” match on Sept. 22nd. CZW is also fully behind the rise of AR Fox. His win in the ladder match, and unification of the titles solidifies him as one of the top guys in the company.



Still, there are some minor points of contention. Are the tag titles allowed to be contested under Freebird rules? Why did Lucky Thurteen wrestle and defend his tag title? What happened to the former champions Bandido and Azrieal? Is 4Loco still around? Or, conversely, since losing the tag titles a month ago, are Bandido and Azrieal ysterday’s news? What did Mondo and Mathis do exactly to get a title shot? There are a lot of unanswered questions as far as the Tag titles are concerned.

Another thing is I’m not completely sold on Masada. Maybe it’s just me. But, he does seem to make a connection with fans. And, he does have a great look. It’s a minor point of contention in the big picture.

When is Sami Callihan going to get his long deserved push for the CZW World title? The guy is one of the most over on the indy scene, and it seems like perfect sense to put the title on him. However, Sami is kind of like the kind of guy who doesn’t need a title to be over, so I can see the argument for both.

The Main Event ladder match was insane. Both AR Fox and Dave Crist left it all and then some in a thrilling contest. While at times a dangerous match, they accomplished a very memorable moment in time. With Fox winning after hitting the Cash Flow from the top of the ladder through two tables waiting below, it was the perfect way to end this night of remembrance.

Overall, it was a great show even if it didn’t reach the heights of the previous month. That’s not a knock on this show, it’s more of “Tangled Web” being such a good show. CZW returns to Townsend, DE for “Redemption” on September 22nd.

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