Looking back at PG-13 Expanded! Oct. 27th, 2012

New Moon Rising Wrestling finally returned on October 27th, 2012 before a packed house at the Proving Grounds in Deptford, NJ. The show was a success on a multitude of levels, and it’s about time the warriors at NMRW have returned.

You can listen to the LIVE Pre Show HERE.

The Quick results were:
Kekoa “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” pinned Crazy Ivan after a rollup…The Untouchables successfully defended the NMRW Tag Team Championship defeating FUSION DSSienna DuVall beat Cherry Layne by submission with the D-Con…Jake Bishop defeated Luis “The Punisher” Martinez to win the NMRW Heavyweight Championship…Ty Reno won the 1st ever PG-13 match last pinning Robert Knight in a lumberjack match to win the vacant United States Championship.

The show featured the debut of several independent standouts. Of course, Kekoa, Damian Dragon and Matt Saigon all debuted. There was also the return of “HPR” Gleen Storms, and although he wasn’t successful in his return bout in PG-13, he showed little ring rust, and looks ready to make an impact at future NMRW events.

Now, looking at some highlights of the show, many fans could not make their minds up as to which match was most exciting. All of the matches featured something different. Kekoa wowed over the fans with his explosive offense. FUSION DS showed off why they are one of the best teams on the East Coast scene. Sienna DuVall showed why she is going places with her never say die spirit (more on that). Jake Bishop and Luis Martinez wrestled a classic, old school brawl that left people wanting more.

And, what can be said about the innovative PG-13 match.

PG-13 starts out as a Royal Rumble style battle royal with two wrestlers starting off the match and every two minutes another wrestler enters. After all 13 are entered properly into the match, eliminations over the top rope can then occur. After 11 of the 13 are eliminated, the remaining 2 compete in a lumberjack match with all those previously eliminated serving as lumberjacks.

The match itself started with long time enemies, American Roughneck and Robert Knight as #’s 2 and 1 respectfully. This grudge could not be contained in the ring and soon they were battling in the back. The match also featured the debuts of Loudy, Drew Blood, and Xavier Cross from DWF.

Some things to notice from the match were the dominating performance of former WWE superstar, Tank Toland as he singlehandedly eliminated four of his peers. This included the jaw dropping elimination of Cross who was hoisted from the heavens and dispatched like yesterday’s newspaper onto the concrete below. Besides Tank’s huge impact, one must make note of how well Justin America and Robert Knight worked well together. This coalition, coined “The Greatest American Heroes” by Mr. Knight, eliminated three wrestlers with their destructive tandem offense. If it were not for the questionable interference by Tank Toland in eliminating Justin America, perhaps the outcome of the match would have very well been different.

As it stands, Ty Reno used his force and muscle to nearly decapitate Robert Knight on his way to victory. As a result of his dominating win, Ty Reno was crowned the NMRW US Champion.

Quick Thoughts:

Sienna DuVall escaped serious injury when a sunset flip nearly turned a routine maneuver into a very scary moment. Sienna landed on her head, and although shaken up, continued the match. After being tended to backstage, Sienna was back out supporting fellow EMPIRE member Ty Reno. I am very happy to report Sienna is doing fine.

The match up between Jake Bishop and Luis Martinez was mired in controversy as “The Voice of the Board” Don Warren turned a No-DQ match into a regular encounter. After the house lights suddenly went out with no explanation, he cited “safety” as being the cause for the switch. As Luis was distracted from this odd ruling, Jake took advantage and legally rolled Martinez for the pin, the win, and the title.

Controversy did not escape FUSION DS either as apparently a new member of the ME Society in one, The Dark Angel Slayer, distracted Damian Dragon with a water bottle splash. As Damian and the referee were distracted, the Untouchables sprung to action to hit their “Untouchable Dog” from the top and pin a solo Matt Saigon. This is not the end of the story by a long shot!

Just who was that rotund individual calling himself “The Pharaoh of  Fitness”? Slim Burgundy is the name, and apparently he is looking to create a legion of wrestlers to do his evil bidding. He was not welcomed by Sienna DuVall and Cherry Layne so warmly. Obviously, we’ll hear more from this blowhard.

Kekoa had little difficulty overcoming the unorthodox Crazy Ivan and not only won the match, but won over the crowd as well. I have a feeling we’ll see big things out of this newcomer to NMRW.

Finally, what’s next for “The Greatest American Heroes“? Having worked so effectively during the course of the battle royal you have to figure something may come out of this new alliance in New Moon. Perhaps they’ll combine their efforts to take on their respective thorns in their sides, Tank Toland and American Roughneck? Time will tell.
That all said, history was made on October 27th, 2012. Champions were crowned, alliances formed, and new grudges abounded from this night of action. What lies ahead for the stars of NMRW. New Moon will return to the Proving Grounds on November 17th, 2012. The yet to be named card will be certain to answer a few of the questions that arose from PG-13!

The Proving Grounds is located at:

1030 Delsea Dr.
Building 4W
Deptford, NJ

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