The Evolution of the Heartkiller

When Chris Wylde began his career in ECWA, he was just happy to have made it to the promotion he loved watching growing up. However, time and violence have changed “The Heartkiller”.

It all started after a match between DJ Hyde and Bazooka Joe in October of 2011. After Hyde was defeated and vanquished from ECWA, a masked man appeared from the crowd and attacked Joe. It was learned later on that this man was Blackheart.

A month later at the 1st K-Cup, after Wylde lost the Mid Atlantic title in a fantastic match with Kekoa, the man appeared again…and then, several more men appeared all wearing black, and all carrying weapons. It was revealed that this group of men were led by Joel Goodhart, and the group was TWA Champion, Breaker Morant, Bobby Shields, and Josh Daniels.

Time went on, and the gang warfare became more evident. Here was Chris, a young man just happy to be realizing his dream being transformed into a leader against a group of insurgents whose ultimate goals were questionable at best.

They say that violence changes a man. They say that once you reach the point of no return there is no going back. If the past few months are any indication, then Wylde may have reached that point.

After the early part of the year was contested mostly in tag matches and street fights against Blackheart with various partners, Wylde finally received a TWA title opportunity against Breaker Morant. In May, Wylde became champion in a match that saw Wylde raise his game by diving off the scaffolding at the entrance way. Breaker was given an immediate rematch, this time in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

At that rematch in June, the brutality that was inflicted on Chris could have been the 1st point that started to change a man. In a scene that recalled images of the Sandman vs. Tommy Dreamer, Wylde was caned several times by Morant. In fact, at one point, Wylde asked for more. At what point does a seemingly normal man get to the point that he asks his attacker for more brutality to be inflicted upon himself? While most people would have surrendered from the attacks, Chris asked for more!

The match also saw the use of bowling pins, a moving car, and a spectacular dive from the same scaffolding that won the match…this time Chris drove Breaker through a table…however, the evolution of Chris from a mild-mannered wrestler to warrior was nearly complete.

It was at WarGames where Chris’ transformation became complete.

Reaching into a bag that Joel Goodhart brought into the ring, he found the ingredients to make fire. He threw the fire into Morant’s face and won the match as Morant essentially could not continue. Yet, as the literal fire was lit, the fire within was also about to be as well.

Then ECWA Champion, “Greek God” Papadon had entered the match when a member of Team ECWA could not make the match, Papadon had entered as a savior to both the fans and Team ECWA. But, his jealousy at not being in the main event could not be contained. In a moment forever etched into the minds of those in attendance, Papadon turned on Wylde in a brutal post match attack!

Yet, this would stand as Papadon’s undoing as his very actions lit the fire deep within Wylde and led to his demise. Below are comments recorded exclusively for Hell in a Cell Talk Radio post WarGames!

At ECWA’s 45th Anniversary Show, Wylde defeated Papadon with what some would call a controversial choke, the Tazmission. Whatever the feelings of those in attendance, the transformation from bright eyed prospect to the top dog in the company had been completed. It was a testament to the will and desire of a man who had been told all his life that he would not make it in a business dominated by hulking musclemen. After all was said and done, Chris Wylde became  the 1st Unified ECWA Champion. It is an accomplishment no one can ever take away from him.

Moments after his monumental win, I spoke with him in the locker room. He said, “I fought a great champion of over 500 days. But, sometimes it shows that you don’t have to be the biggest dog in the fight to win the fight.”

Recently, Wylde has successfully defended the title 3 times over the course of 3 weeks which is somewhat unprecedented for an independent champion. He turned back the challenge of Papadon (in a rematch at the K Cup), Papadon and Breaker Morant (in Carney’s Point, NJ) and most recently Bobby Shields (in Sewell, NJ). The road does not get any easier for Wylde as he now has to look forward to November 3 and the prospect of facing Papadon, Tony Mamaluke, and Josh Daniels (who won a 4 corners match earlier in the year). In addition, he is in the running for the prestigious PWI Most Improved Wrestler of the Year Award.

Yet, with all the challenges he faces, Wylde has proven to be able to rise to each successive obstacle. The future looks bright for Wylde, and his transformation is complete.

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