New Moon Rising Wrestling “Fallout” Results!

The night of November 17th, 2012 will long be remembered as a night of sheer brutality and violence. Alliances crumbled, respect was earned and lost, and visions of a darker future loomed as the night came to a close.


  • “HPR” Glenn Storms beat Nathan Avery after a “Perfect Storm”.
  • Crazy Ivan defeated Marc Angel.
  • Mike Reed pinned Steve Zapf after hitting “The Upgrade”.
  • Ty Reno retained the US Championship after pinning LJ Cruz following a “Greetings from the Bottom”.
  • The Tag Team Championship Match between Champions the Untouchables, Highly Entertaining Wrestlers (Drew Blood & Xavier Cross w/ Loudy), and The Empire (O-Dogg & Blackie w/ Sienna DuVall) was thrown out and declared a no contest.
  • Tank Toland beat Justin America in an “I Hate You” Match after driving America through a table with the “Power Trip”.
  • The Heavyweight title match between Champion, Jake Bishop, and Luis “The Punisher” Martinez was declared a no contest after several instances of outside interference. As a result, Bishop retained his title.

Quick Thoughts

Glenn Storms was very impressive in his singles debut for NMRW. He turned back the challenge of newcomer, Nathan Avery, and also impressed “The Pharaoh of Fitness” Slim Burgundy. Burgundy offered Storms a contract, but Storms turned it down with a dropkick to the face.
Marc Angel continues to find disappointment in the ranks of New Moon Rising Wrestling this time falling in defeat to Crazy Ivan. Say what you will about the mental state of Ivan, he is a skilled, if not unorthodox, wrestler who won his first match after last month’s disappointment. After the match, Angel seemingly had enough with the fans. What does this mean going forward?

For this observer, the match between Mike Reed and Steve Zapf brought to mind visions of the  beginnings of the Bruno Sammartino and Larry Zbyszko feud in the early 80’s. What started as a beautiful exchange of technical wrestling soon broke down to a fight as Zapf grew increasingly frustrated at Reed’s superior wrestling acumen.

The US title match between Ty Reno and LJ Cruz was a dazzling display between two men with different psychologies. What might not be known is the two broke into the business together while attending the CZW Academy. Both men share a mutual respect. In what will stand as one of NMRW’s best matches of the year, Reno proved to be the better man. After the match, both men shook hands to show the respect still lived between the two combatants.

What the landscape of the tag team title picture is after the titanic battle at Fallout is anyone’s guess. The three teams involved all showed flashes of brilliance, and absolutely no team backed down from the other. Who gets the next shot at the belts? And, let’s not forget that FUSION D.S. is still lurking around in the tag division waiting for a rematch after a controversial finish to last month’s match.

The “I Hate You” Match between Justin America and Tank Toland will long be remembered as the most violent match in New Moon’s history. Neither man held back as chairs, kendo sticks, oranges, cans of soda, audience members, and more were used by both men in an attempt to gain the advantage on the other. In a moment that will forever be etched into the minds of any fan in attendance, Tank Toland drove America through the announce table to secure the win in a display of lunacy and violence.

The Heavyweight title match was marred by outside interference and was thrown out when the referee lost control of the bout. It was what occurred after the bout that left everyone wondering what was coming next for the future of NMRW.

Luis “The Punisher” Martinez joined with Brolly to form the “Legion of Anarchy”. Both men beat down an already battered Jake Bishop who was drained from a near half hour match. Justin America and LJ Cruz of the ME Society tried to make the save for fellow member, Bishop, but could not make their way into the ring after being constantly swatted away by the Legion.

EMPIRE soon hit the ring, but was equally battered by the “Legion of Anarchy”. It was only when the Legion had their taste for violence quenched that they left the arena on their own accord. LJ Cruz entered the ring and tended to EMPIRE member, Ty Reno. Apparently, this was an act of treason and America attacked Cruz for his betrayal. Tank Toland hit the ring and swept the crumbling pieces of the ME Society away.

Already announced for NMRW’s return to “The Proving Grounds” (1030 Delsea Drive Building 4W, Westville, NJ) at “December to Remember” is the highly anticipated match between Tank Toland and Heavyweight Champion, Jake Bishop. Tank showed he is willing to go to all lengths to secure the win. What does ME Society leader Jake Bishop have up his sleeve for this one? Find out on December 15th!

Also, on December 15th, NMRW will be accepting donations for Local PBA 277 for their 2nd Annual Toy Drive.

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