A Memorable December

New Moon Rising Wrestling returned to the Proving Grounds on December 15th, 2012 to thrill fans with “December to Remember”. As the night drew to an end, the future for NMRW could possibly change forever in January as New Moon returns for “Brawl For It All”

new moon dec

First, the results:

  • LJ Cruz pinned Xavier Cross w/ Loudy
  • Crazy Ivan pinned King Blackie
  • Kekoa defeated Nathan Avery with a backslide.
  • The  match between  American Roughneck vs. “Knight Rider” Robert Knight was ruled a no-contest.
  • O-Dogg beat Luis “The Punisher” Martinez with a rollup. After the match, Martinez vowed he would bring Anarchy back to New Moon.
  • Mike Reed pinned Damian Adams w/ Larry Lawson after “The Upgrade”.
  • Justin America pinned Ty Reno to become the NEW NMRW United States Champion.
  • FUSION DS beat Da House Party to become #1 Contenders for the NMRW Tag Team Championship
  • Ryan Castellucci defeated Marc Angel. After the match, Angel joined Slim Burgundy.
  • Tank Toland beat NMRW Heavyweight Champion Jake Bishop by countout. Bishop retains the championship.

Quick Thoughts:

As LJ Cruz said before the match, Xavier Cross was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Since being ejected from the ME Society, Cruz has been on a war path. The increased focus of Cruz proved to be to much for Cross. However, once Loudy reassembles his “Highly Entertaining Wrestlers”, things will be much different for the stars of New Moon.

Since losing his first match in NMRW, Crazy Ivan has been on a tear. His latest victim was a game King Blackie. Where Ivan goes from here with his unorthodox style is a huge question going forward. Likewise, where does King Blackie go? Since the reboot of New Moon at PG-13 earlier this fall, Blackie has been on a losing streak.

In another impressive battle, Kekoa continued to impress his fans and gain new ones with a smart, hard fought battle against Nathan Avery. After the match, Avery stormed out of the building in a fit of frustration, but it is doubtful he will stay away for long.

What can be said about the betrayal of the American Roughneck? Again, he put his faith into someone he thought he could trust, and his trust was broken much like his spirit after “HPR” Glenn Storms turned on his newfound friend. What does this collation between two unlikely allies such as Storms and Robert Knight mean for NMRW? Only time will tell.

In a battle of the big men, O-Dogg pulled out the victory over Luis Martinez with a rollup as EMPIRE distracted Martinez. Does an already crumbling EMPIRE have what it takes to derail the Legion of Anarchy? A battle between these two factions could have serious consequences for NMRW.

“The Illusionist” Damian Adams may have come up short against Mike Reed, but he was impressive in a losing effort. You can bet he hasn’t shown all the tricks up his sleeve as of yet.

Justin America has certainly made up for a poor showing against Tank Toland from “Fallout”. America won a US title shot when he defeated Magnum XL over a year ago. He finally invoked his match and he made the most of the opportunity. Say what you will about the interference of Jake Bishop, the fact is with the title victory the ME Society has all the gold in New Moon. Truly, the ME Society has never been stronger and this is bad news for their enemies.

Speaking of teams that have NEVER been stronger, FUSION DS rebounded from their controversial loss to Tag Champs, The Untouchables, at PG-13 to defeat Da House Party.

While Ryan Castellucci was celebrating his victory with friends and family in the streets of Depford, Marc Angel was in the pit of despair. Along comes Slim Burgundy to sign Angel to what is rumored to be a lucrative contract. With this signing the question that begs to be asked is who will be next to join Burgundy’s camp?

And, while Jake Bishop retained the Heavyweight title, he may have lost the war. Immediately after Bishop got himself intentionally counted out to retain his title, the voice of the Board, Don Warren made his way to the ring. He made a huge announcement that he would put control of NMRW on the line against the ME Society’s belts. Bishop accepted the challenge, and coming up January 19th, at “Brawl For It All”, it will be the ME Society (Jake Bishop, Justin America, & The Untouchables) putting up their gold for control of NMRW against Warren’s team of Tank Toland, Mike Reed, and FUSION DS. It was announced moments after the show that the match would be a LADDER match!


Be there to witness history!

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