Top Downloaded Episodes of 2012

Steve Corino-tile

First of all, thanks to all the fans, listeners, and supporters of Hell in a Cell Talk Radio. It’s been a great year, and things can only get better from here!

Secondly, thanks to all the guests that have come on the show in the past year and have made this podcast what it is. The mission statement has always been for HIAC to be the voice of the independents, and in this we have succeeded. HIAC is about the performers and promotions, and truly without the support of those people we would not be where we are today.

A special thank you to Joe Zanolle of ECWA for setting up the many of initial interviews in the early days of HIAC. Also, thanks to Justin Clayton who from Day One has supported this blog, the podcast, and me as an individual. And, a huge thanks to Jake Bishop. He knows why, and since he hates attention, I’ll leave it at that.

Finally, thank you to the crew of HIAC. Truly, I have been blessed with talented individuals who only strive to make the show better. Dan, Chris, Ryan, and Mark, I thank you for the work you have all done to make this show what it is today.

The Top Ten Most Downloaded Episodes:

  1. Steve Corino and “Mackdaddy” Ron Starr (10/31/2012)
  2. ECWA Owner Mike Tartaglia and FUSION D.S. (8/8/12)
  3. A French Interruption (8/1/12)
  4. Joe Gacy, Drew Blood, and Missy Sampson (10/17/12)
  5. Mia Yim and Amadeus Thorn (9/26/12)
  6. CZW Owner DJ Hyde (9/19/12)
  7. ROH Star Adam Cole (Rebroadcast 11/7/12)
  8. LIVE Pre Show: PG-13 Expanded (10/27/12)
  9. The French Interruption Part Deux! (9/12/12)
  10. The Return of Ophidian and Anthony Cicco (11/28/12)
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