Your MMA Weekend: Let’s hear it for the ladies


Listeners of the podcast know that I’m a fan of Women’s MMA.  While the talent and skill is not at the level of the men, the women always seem to bring it when the bell rings.  Right now, with a few exceptions, you’re not going to see crisp technical boxing or amazing displays of grappling, but you can generally expect an entertaining fight.  (Unless you’re an MMA snob who has to see high level mixed martial arts.  Honestly people, Bonner/Griffin 1 was not a masterpiece of skill but is near universally regarded as one of the best fights of all time.  Lighten up and enjoy the fight.)

Contrary to Dana White’s statements, WMMA is not “The Ronda Rousey Show”, at least not exclusively.  Make no mistake, she’s the biggest name in town but she has to have somebody to fight.  Fortunately, this weekend Invicta Fighting Championship puts on its fourth event this Saturday at 7 pm EST.  I’ve talked about the all-women promotion several times on the podcast.  The first three events have been entertaining.  The quality of the fights were good, the production values were adequate, and I generally like the announce team.  For a fledgling promotion, they’ve seemed to be well run and organized.

This event marks the first time Invicta is asking for your dollars as the card will be streamed live via iPPV.  The promotion supposedly had decent numbers watching the free cards but it remains to be seen whether or not those people are willing to pay $8 for the product.  For a 12 fight card, it’s cheaper than a movie so I hope a decent number purchase the show.

The card is headlined by the inaugural Invicta Strawweight (115 lb) Championship title fight between Carla Esparza (8-2) versus Bec Hyatt (4-1) who is taking this fight on short notice after Esparza’s opponent was injured in training.  The co-main event is an interesting matchup of  #6 ranked bantamweight Shayna “The Queen of Spades” Bazler (15-7) versus #3 ranked Alexis “Ally-Gator” Davis.  The winner of that fight has to be at least considered for a title shot against the winner of Rousey/Liz Carmouche if the fight with Christianne “Cyborg” Santos does not happen.  The undercard features a cross-section of Invicta veterans such as Sarah D’Alelio, Amanda Nunes, and Leslie Smith along with some women making their professional debuts.

Invicta’s future depends heavily on its ability to pay the bills.  We’ll see if Saturday’s card generates enough revenue to keep the experiment going.

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