LIVE Blog Results! #OnPoint Wrestling Presents: “Now or Never!”


Starting at 7:00 PM, keep checking this spot for updated results from the show.

Featured Card: Main Event
InterSpecies Wrestling -King Of Crazy Championship Match- No DQ ,Anything Goes
“King of Crazy”(C) Pinkie Sanchez vs 1/2 of HEW. Drew Blood w/ LOUDY

1st time EVER Encounter
“Notorious 187” Homicide vs “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont

Singles Attraction
Rory Mondo vs AssailANT

Michigan’s Finest battle
Maserati Rick vs KJ Crush

Singles Action
“Feature Presentation” Xavier Cross w/ LOUDY Vs. Latin Dragon w/ “1st lady of OnPoint” Chrissy Rivera

One Last Time
Joey Spades Vs. Johnny Fearless

SIDE SHOW PRO Tag Team Attraction
Nick Arcade & MightyMo Vs. Cluck Norris & KC Pin’em

Who is On Point
‘Mr.On Point’ Leon St Giovanni Vs. Good News Hughes

4 Way One fall to a Finish
#MrVIP ‘So Fly’ LJ Cruz Vs. Nathan Avery Vs. Anthony Cortez Haynes vs “The Funky Pharaoh” Amasis

Update 7:11PM – The wrestlers have come out for a Meet and Greet. Drew Blood and Pinkie Sanchez had to be separated as they were exchanging words.

Update: 7:22PM – Just moments away from the start of OnPoint Wrestling, and the beginning on a new era for professional wrestling!

Update: 7:26PM – The 1st match is set to begin! Xavier Cross with Loudy taking on Latin Dragon with Chrissy Rivera! Cross is out first.

Update: 7:34PM – The match begins with Cross gaining an early advantage.

Update: 7:41PM – Latin Dragon scores the victory! Fantastic opening match from two up and comers!

Update: 7:46PM – The Side Show Attraction Match is up next!

Update: 7:51PM – Nick Arcade and Mighty Mo are victorious in a wild exhibition!

Update: 7:55PM – One last time! Johnny Fearless vs. Joey Spades is up now!

Update: 8:11PM – Joey Spades defeats Johnny Fearless by submission with a nasty armbar.

Update: 8:20PM – The Fourway is now underway, and the fans have given Amasis a Heroes return.

Update: 8:28PM – LJ Cruz wins the Fourway pinning Nathan Avery! Amasis, despite his long absence is WAY over.

Update: 8:33PM – Matt Tremont taking on Homicide will close out the 1st half of the show! This promises to be a hard-hitting affair!

Update: 8:52PM – Matt Tremont defeats Homicide after a Death Valley Driver. Be back after intermission.

Update: 9:13PM – Overall impressions of the show thus far is these are some great entertainers striving to make a mark in the world of independent wrestling. There is a great mix of young talent, returning veterans, and some rising talent. Also of note, there is quite a mix of talent from all stretches of the independent scene including CZW, New Moon Rising Wrestling, NWA DAWG, and more. It’s refreshing to see promotions working together for a common goal of entertaining the fans.

As we are still in intermission, I will update once the action resumes.

Update: 9:21PM – The Michigan Showcase Match is up with Maserati Nick taking on KJ Crush. Should be an interesting clash of styles.

Update: 9:30PM – KJ Crush defeats Maserati Rick by countout. After the match, Crush invites Rick back in to continue the match. Rick agrees and we restart.

Update: 9:34PM – After the restart, Maserati Rick wins by pinfall after a beautiful top rope elbow drop.

Upddate: 9:38PM – Rory Mondo vs. AssailANT up next.

Update: 9:49PM – Mondo gets the victory!

Update: 9:55PM – Leon St. Giovanni vs. Good News Hughes is about underway!

Update: 10:09PM – St. Giovanni wins with a Cross Face Chicken Wing. The Main event between Drew Blood and Pinkie Sanchez is about to begin! Fantastic show witha great crowd so far.

Update: 10:29PM – In a match highlighted by a crazy dive by Pinkie Sanchez, Sanchez defeated Drew Blood.

Update: 10:34PM – Matt Tremont just addressed the crowd, and thanked them for coming out to NMRW’s Provong Grounds. NMRW will be in action January 19th! I will update with my closing thoughts later on tonight. Thanks to those who followed this coverage tonight.

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