Wednesday, January 23 – A Most Excellent Episode #Woof

The center of the controversy









In preparation for tonight’s episode of Hell in a Cell Talk Radio, here is the highlight of Mia Yim vs. Greg Excellent from Aerial Assault 2012.

And, here is the entire match in its entirety.

Greg will be on to discuss the trilogy with Mia Yim, his confrontation with Colt Cabana at CZW Cage of Death, breaking in, and more. When we had Mia on in August of 2012, she had this to say about working with Greg.

You can listen to the entire Mia Yim interview here.



Also on the show is reigning ECWA Mid-Atlantic Champion, Ricky “The Model” Martinez. He’ll be on to discuss his reign as champion, the feud with Ooh La La, and his opportunity to be in the 2013 Super 8.

Listen LIVE starting at 9PM here.

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