Spin the Wheel…Yeah!

Well after watching this weeks episode of WWE RAW, the only thing that comes to mind is Spin The Wheel, Make The Deal from WCW Halloween Havoc 1992. Sting was in the middle of a feud with Jake The Snake Roberts and before the match, Sting was to select the match type by spinning the wheel and that would be the main event of the evening. Now being 9 years old, I was a HUGE Sting fan, so one of my birthday gifts this year. A ticket to the Philadelphia Civic Center to witness ‘history in the making.’ The first thing I would like to point out is the sheer excitement, or lack there of, from Sting after the wheel landed on Coal Miners Glove. Tony Schiavone was the Emcee conducting the segment. As the wheel hit Coal Miners Glove, he announces it to the crowd and….. nothing… no reaction. Not even Sting knew how to react.

To the listeners and readers out there, how would you think you would have to win the match. Well according to Jesse Ventura, the glove would be put on a pole, and the wrestlers had to grab the glove first and “tag” your opponent with the glove thus wining the match… OK now that we have that all set.

The match ensues Jake hits the DDT and starts to go for the climb up the pole. Sting recovers and knocks down Jake and out comes… Cactus Jack with Damien! Instead of going for the glove, Jake instead goes for the snake while Sting grabs the glove. Jake is hiding the snake and from behind Sting hits Jake with the glove in the knee and gets the pin? All the while the snake starts biting Jake in the face….

I still watch this match with a confused look on my face. The same as I watched tonight, it was very pointless I must say. The best part of the show was Paul E. and had NOTHING to do with “THE WHEEL!” Every time Raw goes to Vegas, I pray to the wrestling gods, please don’t Spin The Wheel…. I cringe every time the wheel starts to Spin!

VHS cover featuring Sting

VHS cover featuring Sting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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