Previewing NMRW’s Retaliation!

This Saturday, February 16th, the roses will have wilted and the candy will be long gone as PRO WRESTLING returns to South Jersey. What will be the fallout from last month’s “Brawl For It All”? Will Matt Tremont defeat Crazy Ivan in a match Tremont demanded? Where is Sienna DuVall after being kidnapped by Ron Starr? Who will answer the challenge of the frightening “Legion of Anarchy”? Is the ME Society still intact? To answer these questions, let’s take a look at the card in a bit more detail.


This match up is an interesting clash of styles as ODogg brings an unorthodox offense to the ring, while Damian Adams wrestles a more technical style of match. Also, of note is roaming the outside will be the illustrious Larry Lawson who has informed me his putter is ready for action. Last month ODogg suffered a loss when his tag partner was distracted and the Legion of Anarchy used the distraction to pick up the win. Conversely, Damian Adams picked up his first win in NMRW defeating the previously unbeaten Kekoa. This match will be an interesting one to watch for fans, and the winner moves closer to title contention.


This match was originally scheduled last month, and now fans will be in for a treat. This match has all the ingredients to be the one that steals the show. Ty Reno is looking for a big win after suffering a few defeats in recent months. His US title reign seems to be a distant memory, but now he is looking to make a statement by knocking off “The Standard of Excellence” in New Moon Rising Wrestling, Mr. Nathan Avery. Last month, Avery picked up his first win over a game Fredo Majors and also picked up a guide of sorts in Slim Burgundy. Avery made it very clear that Burgundy would not be his manager, but rather a life coach of sorts to somehow become even more focused. In summation, this match truly has title aspirations hanging in the balance, and to the victor goes the spoils. The key to this matchup could be just how the Burgundy Brigade plays into this one.


Quite frankly, who would be dumb enough to answer the open challenge that these two have put on the table? Months after destroying the locker room at “Fallout”, LOA came back last month and picked up a win in a tough contest. Whoever answers this challenge, I hope they know what they’ve gotten themselves into.


After suffering a bump in the road last month, “So Fly” LJ Cruz looks to pick up a win over newcomer, and Robert Knight’s new bodyguard, Beverly Berwick. Not much can be said about Berwick as this is his first match of his in NMRW. LJ Cruz is a crafty veteran of the squared circle, and hopefully he can somehow neutralize Robert Knight who will be stalking the arena floor. If he can fully concentrate on the match at hand, Cruz should be successful in picking up a win and dispatching the flamboyant bodyguard.

kekoaThis match is another classic “clash of styles” and philosophy. Kekoa is an international star who has competed all over the Northeast and recently completed an European tour. Likewise, Ron Starr is a well traveled veteran who has won titles wherever he has set foot. That is where the similarities end. Kekoa prefers a fast paced, aerial/technical hybrid style that allows him to use his superior cardio training to his advantage. Starr likes a slower, “Old-school” paced match where he can use his weight and strength advantages. Another point to be made is Kekoa feeds off the energy from the crowd. Starr, on the other hand, has recently turned his back on the fans and has claimed he is “The 1 and Only”. Does Kekoa have what it takes to pick up the win after last month’s hard fought loss and get back on a winning streak?

804586_128342710671313_1914941271_nIn a titanic Tag Team Title match, well traveled and revered tag team FUSION D.S. (Damian Dragon and Matt Saigon) will defend their newly won straps against “Highly Entertaining Wrestlers” (Drew Blood and Xavier Cross) with incomparable manager Loudy at their side. There are a lot of parallels between the two teams that one could make. Both teams have crafty veterans and a younger upstart. Both teams are undoubtedly exciting, and dare I say, entertaining to watch. This match is going to be an amazing clash and is a long time coming for H.E.W. Since their debut at PG-13, Blood and Cross have been biding their time to get a shot at the titles. They will not take this opportunity lightly, and you can be absolutely sure that Loudy will have his team motivated for this matchup.

FUSION D.S. is seemingly enjoying a second wind as tag champions for NMRW. Though they have their differences in other promotions, they are unified in defending the titles for the fans and still proving they are one of the top teams in independent wrestling. This team is the defending Samoa Cup tournament winners. This team was ranked in the Top Ten tag teams in the WORLD in PWI. This team are former multi time champions wherever they went. FUSION D.S. is not a team to be taken lightly, and obviously Loudy will not allow his team to do so.

This match has all the ingredients to be a show stealer.

tremontLast month, Matt Tremont made his debut at “Brawl For It All”. Looking to make an immediate impact, Tremont called out Crazy Ivan for a match that will change the face of NMRW. Ivan has been on a roll after suffering a loss in his debut against Kekoa. He’s picked up consecutive wins over Blackie and Marc Angel and seems as focused as a crazy person could be. Tremont, though fairly young in the business, has been through wars in the ring leaving his blood in a trail of destruction very few could rival. This clash will be one for the ages and will not be one to miss. Be there this Saturday to see this battle!

Here is Matt Tremont’s words on the match!

Here is Crazy Ivan’s rebuttal:

NMRW Retal

New Moon Rising Wrestling presents “Retaliation
This Saturday February 16th
1030 Delsea Drive
Deptford Township, NJ

Tickets are just $10
Doors open 6PM
Bell 7PM

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