The Ides of March!

On Saturday, March 16, the world of New Moon Rising Wrestling turned completely upside down. Allies became enemies, and new rivalries were born. Champions were taken to the limit. A former leader was slain by his own best friend. Lastly, a dark cloud looms in the shadows as apparently Tank Toland has been put on notice.

Quick Results:

  • Steve Zapf upset “The Gold Standard” Mike Madoff with a small package.
  • The American Roughneck pinned Beverly Berwick to win control of Robert Knight’s “Knight Court”.
  • Junior Flow defeated “Illusionist” Damian Adams w/ “Yours Truly” Larry Lawson. After the match, Damian Adams shook Flow’s hand only to attack him seconds later. Flow’s father, Frankie Flow made the save.
  • The Legion of Anarchy beat Smooth Aggression
  • LJ Cruz defeated Justin America by countout when America could not continue due to an apparent knee injury.
  • The match between Marc Angel and King Blackie was thrown out as the referee could not control the match.
  • ODogg pinned “Mackdaddy” Ron Starr. After the match, ODogg rescued Sienna DuVall.
  • The Untouchables (Gore and Michaels) defeated Jake Bishop in a handicap match. After the match, Justin America, Beverly Berwick, and the Untouchables attacked Bishop.
  • Tank Toland pinned Mike Reed w/ Slim Burgundy following the Power Trip to retain the NMRW Heavyweight Championship.


Steve Zapf picked up a clean upset win over a much more experienced and powerful opponent in Mike Madoff. This battle between up and comer and experienced wrestler is far from over.

“Ringside With The Roughneck”. Get used to hearing that because now that American Roughneck defeated Robert Knight’s bodyguard, Beverly Berwick, he has gained control of “knight Court”. Who will be Roughneck’s first guest will be announced soon.

Junior Flow was impressive in his debut for NMRW picking up the win over the experienced Damian Adams. While Larry Lawson was true to his word by not interfering in the match, Adams viciously attacked Flow after the bell to become one of the most despised members of the roster.

The Legion of Anarchy continued their winning ways since reuniting at “December to Remember”. Not content with defeating team after team in an Open Challenge, they called out the NMRW Tag Champions, FUSION DS. Time will tell if the challenge will be answered.

In what would later be revealed as a ruse, Justin America allowed himself to be counted out in his matchup with LJ Cruz. The win must be soured for Cruz considering what happened later in the night.

In a match that resembled more of a gang fight than a traditional wrestling match, Marc Angel of the Burgundy Brigade and King Blackie of the Gunnaz had their match thrown out when constant interference caused the referee to call for a no contest. What remedy will the NMRW Board come up with to settle this violent situation?

ODogg won both the match and freedom for his valet, Sienna DuVall in his match with Ron Starr. While Starr may have lost, he is a veteran that knows how to rebound from setbacks.

What can be said when a friend turns on another friend? Sinking to levels that seemed unthinkable, Justin America turned on Jake Bishop to not only cost Bishop his match against the Untouchables, but also served to be the final implosion of the now seemingly dead ME Society. Justin, who had earlier in the night faked a knee injury, took part in a major ruse tricking his former leader into thinking he was hurt. America also enlisted the services of Beverly Berwick in this plot to destroy the once powerful Bishop. The attack has left Jake broken, and it has left Justin seemingly in charge of another powerful faction within NMRW.

Tank Toland retained his Heavyweight Championship in very convincing fashion, but as he was announced the winner, an ominous video played for the fans…and Tank to see. Here is the uncensored clip in its entirety.

Who is behind this video? What does it mean? Only time will tell.

The next event at the Proving Grounds in Deptford, NJ will be April 20th.
1030 Delsea Drive
Deptford Township, NJ

Tickets are $10
Doors at 6PM. Bell at 7PM.

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