Breaking Down NMRW “Reign of Fire”


Coming up in just over a week, New Moon Rising Wrestling returns to the Proving Grounds for “Reign of Fire”. May 18th will be a game changer it seems in the world of NMRW. How will the fallout from “Conquest” play into these matches? For instance, who is behind the ominous video and presents sent to NMRW Heavyweight Champion, Tank Toland? How will Matt Saigon adapt to being on his own once again after being part of the popular and successful FUSION D.S. for over two years? What is the next step for the bumbling Slim Burgundy? And, can U.S. Champion Mike Reed overcome the challenge of two hungry competitors?

Nathan Avery w/ Slim Burgundy vs. Matt Saigon


As stated in the introduction, due to Damian Dragon‘s retirement, the team of FUSION D.S. was promptly stripped of the Tag titles. This is Matt Saigon‘s first match as a singles wrestler in NMRW. Few can compete with his deceptive strength, and he brings a solid mat game and, likewise, a deceptive aerial game. You also have to believe that he has a certain motivation to prove himself as a singles wrestler in a tough field in NMRW.

Nathan Avery is literally on top of the world after joining the vile “Burgundy Brigade” at “Brawl For It All” in January. Last month, he was part of the wining team when the Brigade picked up the win over Tank Toland and the Gunnaz. Avery is known as “The Standard of Excellence” for good reason. He truly is a fine specimen with a pedigree that few can compete with.

I have personally told anyone willing to listen that this match could steal show and be a springboard to success for the victor.

LJ Cruz vs. Justin America (Grudge Match)


Although their first meeting ending in a somewhat controversial fashion, this feud has been brewing since America unceremoniously kicked Cruz out of the ME Society in November. Finally, these two will meet one on one again, and violence is set to ensue. Cruz feels the need to pull this thorn from his side and move on. Conversely, America wants to prove he was the the most successful member of the ME Society.

The Flows vs. Damian Adams and a mystery partner w/ Larry Lawson


This is another feud that last started so innocently. After Junior Flow upset Adams a few months ago at “Ides of March”, Adams viciously attacked Flow after the bell. Frankie saved his son at that time. The following month, Frankie and Adams engaged in a match with Adams gaining the win in a purely magical display of wrestling. This month, Adams will team with a mystery partner…and that alone puts the ball in his court. How can the Flows compete without knowing who will be Adams’ partner? How can you prepare for an unknown? Looks to me that Larry Lawson and Adams have the upper hand in this one.

Tag Team Championship Match
The Legion of Anarchy (C) vs. The Untouchables


The Legion of Anarchy have carved their path through nearly every team in NMRW. Through a series of “Open Challenges”, LOA finally claimed the gold last month in a Triple Threat match also featuring Highly Entertaining Wrestlers and Smooth Aggression. Who can stop this formidable team?

How about the former tag team champions that never were pinned or submitted for their titles? How about a team that defeated the 800 pound Nigerian Nightmares to win the titles last April? The Untouchables were the longest reigning tag champions in the history of NMRW, and can possibly stake the claim as being the most successful. However, can they stop the locomotive known as LOA? Has their time at the top passed?

United States Championship Match – Triple Threat
Mike Reed w/ Slim Burgundy (C) vs. Kekoa “The Flyin’ Hawaiian vs. Bevery Berwick


The newest member of the often lauded “Burgundy Brigade” is a two time US Champion in NMRW. Success has followed him whether the fans have been behind him or they have literally turned their backs on him. He is easily a top wrestler in the ranks of New Moon, and he looks to keep his hooks on the title.

Kekoa has been very successful since debuting for NMRW last October. He has only suffered one loss since that time, and he looks to bring the gold home in his first opportunity for NMRW. Look for Kekoa to take this one to the air and go for a quick win.

Beverly Berwick is the wild card in this one. All that is known of this mysterious and flamboyant wrestler is that he is a highly skilled fighter having been trained in Krav Maga and Personal Intrusion Methods for People. Frankly, the man is a trained killer, and should not be overlooked. And, who knows if his new ally Justin America will be roaming ringside.

No DQ, No Countout, Falls Count Anywhere
Matt Tremont vs. Crazy Ivan Part III


The previous two encounters between these two have ended with no clear winner. The 1st match ended when both men were disqualified for justly clobbering the referee for sticking his nose in the match numerous times. New Moon officials quickly signed a rematch between the two with Lumberjack rules. With nearly the entire roster on the outside of the ring, the sheer violence could not be contained! Now, New Moon officials have no choice but to listen to Matt Tremont and his request for a Falls Count Anywhere match. All that can be said is watch out as this can and will go anywhere.

NMRW Heavyweight Championship Match
Tank Toland (C) vs. O-Dogg w/ Sienna DuVall


Last month, O-Dogg won a restraining order to keep Ron Starr away from DuVall. As a reward for finally vanquishing Starr, O-Dogg was also awarded a title shot. With Starr out of the way, can O-Dogg put it all together and bring home the title?

Conversely, Tank is seemingly enjoying an illustrious title reign. He is still undefeated in singles action in NMRW and looks unstoppable when on his own. However, there is a dark cloud looming over Tank whether he will admit to being worried or not. For the past two months, Tank has been in a chess match against an ominous presence. First, after Tank’s successful title defense at “Ides of March”, a video played. Last month, a package was delivered that contained a chainsaw. Obviously enraged, and potentially threatened by these mind games, he went after me as I was simply trying to bury the hatchet after months of Tank humiliating me. All I can offer is I sincerely hope we get to the bottom of who is behind these messages to our champion. Obviously, whomever it is, they are a deranged genius.

Below, you can listen to Tank on “Hell in a Cell Talk Radio” from 4/17/13 where he discusses the video, me, and the NMRW Championship.

To listen to the entire episode, click here.
(*Note – this episode also features Damian Dragon‘s Retirement Interview*)

New Moon Rising Wrestling Presents:
“Reign of Fire”
Saturday Night, May 18th!

1030 Delsea Drive
Building 4W
Deptford Township, NJ 08097

Tickets are just $10
Doors at 6PM Bell 7PM

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