Zach Gowen and Greg Iron set to debut for New Moon Rising Wrestling May 18th!

Press Release
New Moon Rising Wrestling

1030 Delsea Drive
Building 4W
Deptford, NJ 08008

Deptford, NJ: We are so proud to announce this late addition to the Reign of Fire card for Saturday May 18th. The show will now feature the NMRW debut of two of the most exceptional young superstars in all of professional wrestling, former WWE Superstar, Zach Gowen and his tag team partner the sensational Gregory Iron. These two young men, collectively known as the “Handicapped Heroes” have captured the hearts of wrestling fans worldwide for the way they have overcome serious physical adversities to become two of most talented wrestlers in wrestling today. Zach and Greg are on a nationwide anti-bullying campaign with “Kickin’ It Kids”, addressing the discrimination and challenges they have had to face on their way to success in the business. We are proud that they have chosen New Moon Rising Wrestling to showcase their abilities for the amazement of the NMRW Faithful. Please come out and see these unique athletes and to hear a little bit about their experiences.

For more information:
HIAC Talk Radio will be previewing the card TONIGHT at 9PM EST

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It was just announced that their opponents will be Drew Blood and Xavier Cross, Highly Entertaining Wrestlers with their manager, Loudy. This show has just reached EPIC proportions!

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