Live Blog from #OnPoint Wrestling!

OPW 5.25 Nothing Else Matters

Matt Tremont kicked off the show with a promo concerning his physical condition. “For the foreseeable future” Tremont stated he would not be able to do what he was born to do. Let me emphasize that this was not a work, and that Tremont’s medical condition is not allowing him to wrestle tonight or in the any other promotion. It is unclear who Tremont’s replacement is at this time.


  • Amasis won the “Fantastic Four Way” outlasting Oz, Celestial, and Latin Dragon. He pinned Oz after a 450 splash from the top.
  • Anthony Graves and KC Pin ‘Em defeated Joe Gacy and Nathan Avery when Graves pinned Avery.
  • Robbie Moreno pinned David Starr successfully defending the CZW Tag title and his Crusierweight titles.
  • Anthony Cortez Haynes defeated “The Machine” Sam Shields.
  • Pinkie Sanchez and Delirious were defeated by Highly Entertaining Wrestlers (Blood and Cross w/ Loudy) when Blood pinned Sanchez after a low blow.
  • We’re at intermission. More when we return.
  • Apologies for the delay.
  • Mike Draztik beat Shane Strickland
  • Monsta Mack defeated “Good News” Hughes.
  • LSG beat Devon Moore.
  • The main event was changed to Pinkie Sanchez vs. Drew Blood.
  • Drew Blood pinned Pinkie Sanchez with a school boy rollup to win the main.
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