From “Reign of Fire” to “Heatwave”

Saturday, May 18th, was a day to remember for the wrestling world. It was a day of fabulous debuts (Gregory Iron and Zack Gowen). It was a day of setbacks (Kekoa’s apparent US title reign). And, it was a day where a champion was dethroned by a dangerous “Chainsaw”.


Quick Results:

  • The Flows defeated Damian Adams & Beverly Berwick w/ Larry Lawson when Frankie pinned Berwick.
  • Matt Saigon pinned Nathan Avery of the “Burgundy Brigade” after a “Saigon Destroyer” (Cradle DDT).
  • The Legion of Anarchy successfully defended the Tag Team Championship outlasting the Untouchables w/ Missy Sampson when Brolly pinned Michaels.
  • The Handicapped Heroes (Zach Gowen & Gregory Iron) beat Highly Entertaining Wrestlers w/ Loudy when Gowen pinned Cross after a Top Rope Moonsault.
  • Kekoa pinned Marc Angel (subbing for US Champion Mike Reed) w/ Slim Burgundy to apparently win the US title. However, since Angel is not the recognized as champion, the title could not change hands.
  • Justin America beat LJ Cruz after the devastating “Mission Accomplished” (Sit Down Powerbomb).
  • Tank Toland successfully defended his Heavyweight Championship by defeating O-Dogg w/ Sienna DuVall after the “Power Trip”.Following the match, Toland was attacked by the debuting Joe Gacy. Commentator Double D left the building with the title.
  • Crazy Ivan beat Matt Tremont in a “Falls Count Anywhere” Match.


The Flows continue their impressive run in NMRW as they combined their forces for the first time in the Proving Grounds. Will they continue a seemingly successful partnership as father and son, or will they seek out singles glory?

Where does Larry Lawson take his charge, Damian Adams, from here? Since the Flows have debuted in NMRW, Adams has been distracted with these two men from his past. Also, where does Beverly Berwick fit in to all this. The man started as Robert Knight’s bodyguard then became Justin America‘s trusted associate. Now, will he stay with the Argyle Express, or seek a comfortable existence with America.

Matt Saigon has made a serious claim for contendership with a victory over “The Standard of Excellence” Nathan Avery from the “Burgundy Brigade”. Avery has a pedigree like no other in NMRW, but Saigon was too much for him on this night. Will the former Tag champ get his chance to shine soon? Time will tell.

The Legion of Anarchy continued their path of terror with yet another impressive win over perhaps the most successful team in NMRW history, The Untouchables. Even though The Untouchables were seconded by Missy Sampson, they could not overcome the sheer brutality of the LOA.

LOA has been so destructive a force it is nearly beyond comprehension what team would pose a serious threat to their titles that are completely in their possession.

While HEW were Highly Entertaining, they were not victorious over the debuting Handicapped Heroes. The Heroes energized the crowd, and won a hard fought battle before a hot crowd that soaked in every move. This was a great battle that was won by the Heroes. Loudy needs to get his guys back on track and into the winner’s circle before too long.

The continuing war between former ME Society brethren, Justin America and LJ Cruz, grew hotter as America picked up the victory. One has to wonder if Cruz will move on as he promised, or if he continues to be haunted by his former partner in crime. And, no one said atonement would be easy.

In a stroke of genius, Slim Burgundy‘s Marc Angel was cleanly defeated by Kekoa, but since Marc Angel is not the US champion, Burgundy keeps the title in his grubby grasp. While the fans may have been justly upset with the outcome, you have to give it to Burgundy for thinking on the fly for a way to keep the title.

Veterans of the ring, O-Dogg and Tank Toland, told a great old school style match. However, Toland’s reign was cut short when he was chopped down to size when Joe Gacy made his presence felt in a big way. Joe Gacy was brought into NMRW by commentator Dean Dixon after months of Toland constantly humiliating him. Will Toland be able to come back from a major setback? Or would retirement be the logical step after suffering a serious knee injury? Will Gacy face punishment even though he was not officially on the roster? What’s next for Dixon?

The main event between Crazy Ivan and Matt Tremont can only be described as one of the most intense matches since the inception of NMRW. Both men showed heart and determination as they battered each other with pallets, chairs, and any type of wepon they could get their hands on. While Tremont did not win the fight, he lost nothing in this one as he gained the respect of anyone lucky enough to have seen this titanic battle.

NMRW will return to the Proving Grounds on June 15th for “Heatwave“. Tickets are just $10 and I’m sure there will be a lot of announcements forthcoming as far as what has happened in the Heavyweight title picture, and more!


New Moon Rising Wrestling Presents:
June 15, 2013
At the Proving Grounds
1030 Delsea Dr
Building 4W
Depford Township, NJ 08008
Tix $10
Doors 6PM Bell 7PM

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