The HIAC Weekend Bash/ ITR Fan Conclave has begun!


Last night in Philadelphia, the ITR Fan Conclave unofficially began with the arrival of Canadian, Big Ern. Brady Hicks, the host of In the Room, Big Ern, my fiancee Marion, and I headed down to the Proving Grounds to have a private tour hosted by The American Roughneck. Big Ern even took a few bumps and ran the ropes for (what I assume) the first time.

After a lengthy delay due to Brady’s call in to a podcast, we headed to Philadelphia to dine on some Cheese Steaks at Tony Lukes. A fun, and unofficial, start to the proceedings.

The remaining schedule:
10AM – Greatness meets Credibility. The Breakfast of Ill Content.

4PM (tentative) – Omegasquad arrives.

7PM – Ring of Honor, “Death Before Dishonor” Live iPPV at the Armory in NE Philly. Join myself, Marion, Brady, Harry, Omega, Bill Olsen, Big Ern,  former NMRW “Voice of the Board” Don Warren, and possibly more as we witness history in the crowning of a new ROH Champion.

11:59PM – Dan from HIAC Talk Radio arrives.

9:30AM – Web Commercial Taping for HIAC Talk Radio in conjunction with Moose Knuckle Entertainment.
1:30PM – Special Podcast Taping – The HIAC Talk Radio Fan Summit Symposium with Bill Olsen and George Burr.

7:00PM – NMRW Presents: PG-13
10:00PM – After Party (to be announced) and UFC 165 Viewing.

9:00AM – Breakfast (all fans welcome).

Follow the fun on twitter @HIACTalkRadio and @folsomcounty

Also, follow along here at the official HIAC Talk Radio website and at the official Brady Hicks website.

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