Wrapping up the HIAC Talk Radio Weekend & The HIAC Network

This past weekend, starting on Thursday night (9/19) and ending Sunday morning (9/22), the HIAC Weekend Bash took place and what a rousing success it was. There were two wrestling shows for the listeners/supporters of the podcast to watch, a special podcast for our biggest supporters, and some business to take care of.


As previously mentioned, the crew went to ROH on Friday night to witness history as former HIAC Talk Radio guest, Adam Cole, went through two tough opponents to win the ROH World title in stunning fashion.

Early Saturday morning, with Dan Colacicco finally making his way into town, HIAC, Harry Barnett, and Justin Clayton (representing Moose Knuckle Entertainment) shot several commercials. Despite some last minute shuffling, the final product should be an entertaining way to promote the podcast. My personal favorite is…well, let’s just wait for the commercial to be released.

After the commercials were done, it was time for the “HIAC Fan Appreciation Summit Symposium” for two of our biggest supporters to sit in during a live taping of the podcast. Bill Olsen has been a listener of the podcast from Day 1 and always shoots off support, criticism, or just comments with us in an interactive fashion. His support since the start has always meant so much to me as an individual. Also sitting in was George Burr. George is a newer listener. What surprised me a bit was he found the podcast on his own, and started attending New Moon Rising Wrestling shows through the efforts of the podcast. As I said on a facebook post, much of our listenership is shrouded in the anonymity of the internet. So, to know that HIAC had an impact like that was great to hear.

Both guys had a chance to tell stories about their life in wrestling from Bill discussing his days as a fan of TWA and Joel Goodhart to George’s early life watching old syndicated WWF and NWA programs. It was a fun podcast dedicated to the heart of what the podcast is truly about, the fans. Many thanks go out to Bill and George for agreeing to be a part of the special, and again, for their undying support of the podcast.

The New Moon show was the next stop and it was truly a great time for all involved. Both Xavier Cross (w/ Loudy) and LJ Cruz rose to the occasion and became that much closer to becoming superstars. The crowd reactions to their battle was amazing, and gave their match a big fight feel. After the show, the gang went to watch the ending of UFC 165 along with some personnel from New Moon including Jake Bishop, Master Gigante, and the American Roughneck along with Loudy, Jen, Omegasquad, Dan, Brady, and many more. It was a nice way to end the evening.

The breakfast was the final stop on Sunday morning, and truly it was a time to relay stories from the weekend and look forward to another time of fellowship in the future.


What a wonderful weekend! Big thanks to Dan and Chris for coming in and being there every step of the way. Thanks to Justin of MKE for shooting the commercial to promote the podcast. Thanks to Jake for having the faith and belief in me. Thanks to Brady for being a great broadcast partner, and for having the idea of a Conclave in the 1st place. Truly, the Conclave inspired the Weekend, and again, this weekend revitalized me to take the podcast to a new level.


As such, HIAC Talk Radio becomes the HIAC Talk Radio Network. We are adding a lineup of shows to what we have currently.

  • “Obey the Puck” – Dan and Kelly bring you the latest in hockey news and analysis from the NHL to the ECHL and everywhere in between. The show starts September 30 and will run every Monday at 9PM through the hockey season. 60 min. run time.
  • “Moose Knuckle Radio”  – with Justin, Robert, and Don. Covering their various projects and discussing everything in pop culture from entertainment to gaming, this will be a can not miss podcast from three very talented guys. Excited to bring them aboard. The show starts Oct. 1 at 9:30PM and will be bi-weekly. 60 min. run time.
  • “HIAC: After Midnight” A new concept which is currently being developed. This will likely be a monthly show on Friday nights at 11:59PM. Double D will host. 60 min. run time.
  • And, the flagship remains “HIAC Talk Radio” LIVE on Weds. nights at 9PM. HIAC will remain entirely the same covering indy wrestling and bringing exclusive interviews to the podcast. 120 min run time.

It’s a new era for the podcast as we all grow together. This is a dynamic and talented crew brought together for the purpose of growing the network as a whole. I am extremely excited about all the upcoming programs and am confident there will be new listeners to enjoy all the different podcasts.

All the podcasts will be available in the current areas of distribution including Stitcher Radio, iTunes, and blogtalkradio.com.

It was this weekend that served as the validation for moving forward with an idea I’ve had for some time. Thanks to everyone for their support, and thanks to all for believing in a podcast that has grown out of nothing and into something that allows people to enjoy their days just a little bit more.

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