I am a Gamer

In a few short weeks, PlayStation 4 will be released. A device that will not change my day to day life in any significant way. It’s not going to cook, clean, fold my clothes, or comfort me emotionally. However, I can not stop thinking about it. I can not stop being ecstatic about owning it. The question then is: why?

Why am I excited about this sweet new sleek machine? Why do I spend my days scouring news sites on the internet for a tiny bit of new information? Why is it the people closest to me can tell you how much RAM is in the PS4? Does this improve my life in any measurable way? The answer to those questions is simple to state; yet, the answer is complex to explain. I am a gamer.

My wife knows me as Justin, her husband, her friend, and guy who occasionally gets off the couch to wash dishes. My 18 month old son knows me at the guy who gets him juice, changes his diapers, and plays trucks with him while watching Toy Story. At work, I’m a guy people come to with questions, who does not cause trouble, and is generally pleasant to others. On the PlayStation Network, I am AWSOM82. I am a soldier, a general, a god, and a peasant.

For a fee, I break into your bosses house and steal from or assassinate him. I can fight against mega corporations trying to mold humanities future. I can even go back in time and discover Leonardo Di Vinci’s lost schematics. I can do all of these things within the course of a few hours or even a day. Now, imagine the different worlds I can see within the course of a few short weeks.

In a few short weeks the PlayStation 4 will be released. A device that will change my gaming life in a significant way. With its updated graphics card, processor, and RAM, it has the ability to take me to new worlds. It will take me to worlds that contain the depth and detail I can currently only dream of. PS4 will also allow me to leave a gaming legacy by allowing me to share my experiences with the world. Anybody can see the experiences I want to show them. Including, the most important viewer, my son


Editor’s note: It is with great pleasure I introduce Justin to the staff of hiactalkradio.com. Justin will be writing articles about the upcoming PS4 release and many other topics over time. Follow him on twitter @AWSOM82. /dd

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