“Judge Not Lest You Be Judged” and UFC 167

It’s really a shame that the UFC 167 Main Event went down to terrible judging. It’s often said, and Dana White preaches, “Don’t let it go to the judges.” Hell, White even said as much to Hendricks during the post fight presser.

The official Main Event Scorecard.

The official Main Event Scorecard.

Here are a few responses I saw after the fight. These are all from former and current fighters, promoters, and members of the media:






But, the real shame is that all the great stories that came out of #UFC167 are so overshadowed by the main event. To summarize:

*Donald Cerrone looked the best he has ever looked in the Octagon. He needed a convincing win, and he did just that, getting the stoppage with a sweet submission.

*The PPV card started with a good, if unremarkable, fight between TimElliot and Ali Bagautinov. Why do I mention this? Because two years or so ago, a lower weight class fight like this did not exist in the UFC. At 167, UFC has evolved to the point to showcase the talents of the lower weight classes.

*Speaking of evolution, Tyrone Woodley has certainly changed his game since I last saw him (admittedly) in Strikeforce. Woodley looks like a million bucks and put Koscheck (a formidable veteran) to sleep quite easily.

*A true feel good story of 2013 continued as “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler continues his slow march to a UFC title fight. He’s another guy who was languishing in Strikeforce, but has turned it on since coming back to UFC. Defeating Rory McDonald (the #3 ranked welterweight) puts Lawler into serious position moving forward.

*I can not say what happened to Chael Sonnen, nor can he apparently. He stated he had one problem last night, he “fought a better fighter.” Evans looked to be in great shape, and he certainly did look like he was a better fighter than Sonnen. Perhaps Sonnen was distracted by his upcoming TUF coaching stint, or maybe Evans is as rededicated as he has said. Whatever the case is, Sonnen isn’t going anywhere as UFC and the brass love the guy, and what he brings to the table. It’s a bigger picture sort of deal, guys.

For those reasons and more, it’s a damn shame that UFC 167 will be remembered solely for the bad judging of two people who clearly should not be judging fights. One guy is a boxing judge, and the other guy sells real estate.

Changes do need to come to the Nevada State Athletic Commission. And, they need to happen soon before the sport is cast off by casual fans (and detractors) as a corrupt, illegitimate sport.

For more on UFC 167, make sure you listen to the next episode of “HIAC Talk Radio” this Weds. night at 9PM EST. This week we welcome MMA Fighter, Damon “The Leech” Jackson and independent wrestler, “The Zebra Prince” Joey Janela.

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