Recapping the week for HIAC Talk Radio

This past week was extraordinarily busy for HIAC Talk Radio as we presented the usual Wednesday night program featuring 2 interviews, and also had 2 JFK 50 special episodes with 2 wonderful and illuminating interviews.

To recap:

  • Wednesday Night we welcomed MMA fighter from both Legacy Fighting and Bellator, Damon “The Leech” Jackson. We discussed his career and his future aspirations which includes a title fight for the Legacy Lightweight Championship. This young undefeated fighter is definitely one to keep an eye on heading into 2014. (Damon joins about 16 mins in)


    We also were joined by independent standout, Joey Janela. What started out as a somewhat strange and awkward interview soon became a favorite to the HIAC crew. We discussed his upcoming debut with #OnPoint Wrestling, RFR Wresting, and Pro Wrestling Syndicate in detail. Fun interview. (Joey joins us about 60 mins in)


    We also discussed the fallout of UFC 167, GSP’s career, and previewed WWE Survivor Series.

    You can listen to the episode, here.

  • Friday Night, on the 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination, we presented the 1st part of our JFK 50 Interviews with the author of Killing JFK: 50 Years, 50 Lies. Dr. Lance Moore discusses many topics of interest including Lee Harvey Oswald and possible CIA links, LBJ, Jack Ruby and the mob, and much more. A very illuminating interview.


    You can listen to the interview here.
    More information on Dr. Lance Moore’s book can be found on his website.

  • Early Saturday morning, we concluded our JFK 50 series with our interview with Jack Duffy the author of The Man From 2063. Duffy’s biggest claim to a governmental conspiracy is that the medical evidence simply does not add up. We also discussed LBJ and the CIA, Hoover, Lee Harvey Oswald’s role, and much more. A fantastic interview that lasts 88 minutes. (Mr. Duffy comes on about 28 minutes in after a brief summary of the Assassination).


    You can listen to the interview here.
    More information about Mr. Duffy’s book can be found on his website.

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