Resogun Review

When the PlayStation 4 was announced Sony explained strong emphasis on their support for indy developers. Well, if you haven’t heard that support is paying off. Launching with the PS4 is a game I find myself more addicted to then either of the big studio games I purchased. This game is Housemarque’s “Resogun”.

The premise is simple, and they tell you at the start of every mission: “Save The Last Humans”. To do so, you must blast through what can feel like endless waves of bad guys while picking up weapon upgrades and little green humans. In its simplicity is where its hook is found.

Resogun brings out the “just one more try feeling” all gamers know too well. It is by being simple enough for a beginner to complete the game makes you feel like a master. That is until you check out where you stand on the leaderboards.

This is where Resogun really stands out. When you see where you stand not only in the world, and more importantly amongst your friends, you begin to challenge yourself to overcome and become the highest scorer. This is done by connecting your shots with the bad guys which builds your score multiplier. If you do not connect a round in enough time the meter resets to one. This effectively kills your chances at higher scores.

The other way to achieve higher scores is by raising the difficulty which opens up the chance to get a higher score multiplier. This will give you even more points for saving humans and destroying ships. This is the point of the whole game. It also happens to be an, “Oh, so beautiful” thing to do.

Without getting into the technical side of the house Resogun really uses the PS4’s power to make it shine. The game runs at a native 1080p and 60fps developer Housemarque has made its first entry in the eighth generation of consoles not only an addictive one but also a beautiful one.


Recommendation: YES!!

-Stylish Visuals
-Great Sound Track (Euro Techno)
-Fast Paced Action
-Addictive Gameplay

-Only three ships to choose from
-Only Five Stages


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