Assassins Creed IV: Game of the Year


Drinking, Pillaging, Revenge. Three things that make a pirates life so alluring and three things that make Assassins Creed IV so amazing. Let me get this out of the way I never played The Last of Us and I was bored with the recycled formula of Grand Theft Auto after an hour. So these games aren’t on my radar for Game of The Year. What is though is a game that does exactly what I feel a game should do entertain and take you away to a place you can’t go otherwise.

ACIV takes place in the caribbean isles around 1716. A time when Black Beard, Bartholomew Roberts and Calico Jack roamed the high seas plundering merchant vessels for any loot they could find. And thats exactly what our Hero of Heros Captain Edward “Jax Teller” Kenway finds himself doing alongside the famous pirates of yore. I speak highly of Captain Kenway because he is a bad ass through and through no questions asked.

Captain Kenway is protagonist like no other. Never before have I played as a main character who’s goals were so selfish so brutally self centered you actually enjoyed playing as him. The characters story starts with a drunk Edward Kenway leaving his wife to sail the seas. From there he gets a ship and remains awesome. Thats pretty much all you need to know while playing this game. There is some story about Templars and Assassins they vaguely touched on but the pirating is so good I could honestly care less about that hoopla.

As a child I was read stories of the famous pirate Black Beard. A man of legend who will live on as long as history. ACIV allowed me to do as I dreamed as a child. Fight alongside the most feared pirate of all time. Not only that I got to do everything I imagined pirates did. I searched for buried treasure, got into fights at a tavern, drank too much rum and woke up in a bale of hay. I did all of this and it looked beautiful.

As you may know I am a PlayStation 4 guy. I have no regrets about buying the awesome machine that is the PS4. Assassins Creed IV is a perfect example why. This game is so beautiful there were moments I had to stop playing and just stare at the rainbow that was created by a waterfall. Or the sun rising or setting as I was sailing on the open seas looking for buried treasure or a shark to fight. Ill say that again, You can fight sharks.

Speaking of the open seas while out on the open seas your ships crew will begin singing pirate shanties, which you can collect throughout the game. Songs that Pirates sang to pass the time. This just adds to the already impressive audio of the game. From the clanging of the swords to the loud bang of a pistol shot the audio department nailed it fully immersing me into the adventure.

Immersion, that is what I want from a game and that is what Assassins Creed IV delivers in spades. The audio kills it with the weapons and music. The Visual treat you get while playing this game take your breath away at times. The sense of adventure you get while on the open seas made me feel like I was six years old again. Finally the selfish self centered Captain Kenway makes you feel a certain guilty pleasure in as a man you could only dream of being in real life.

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