Indy Power Rankings for 2/10/14

Indy Power Rankings for the Week of February 10th, 2014


1.       Matt Cage-It was another spirited debate this week for Indy Power Rankings voters, but when all was said and done, “Money” Matt Cage once again grabs the #1 spot. This was his 2nd straight week at #1 and much like last week, it was his overall body of work in 2014 that helped earn him the top spot this week. A victory vs. Gunner Franks at SCW on 2/8 and vs. Mallaki Matthews once again at Beyond Wrestling’s St. Louis tapings on 2/9 helps get him to the pinnacle of the IPR. The SCW Heavyweight and AAW Heritage Champion continues to make 2014 “Money” as he continues to put himself right at the top of the pack with victories everywhere he goes.


2.       Christian Rose-In a vacuum, Christian Rose had arguably the BEST week for a one week span this week. He went 4-0 and only worked 2 shows! This “Bitter Lunatic” took his anger to IWA Mid-South for back-to-back shows where he teamed with Gary Jay & Jordynne Grace to defeat Chris Hero, Davey Vega, and Angelus Layne. Later in the day, he took on Danny Cannon in an insane contest that saw Rose score the victory with the Lion Tamer. The following day he travelled to St. Louis for Beyond Wrestling’s Tapings where he knocked off both Alex Castle & Mikey McFinnigan with the Lion Tamer. The DREAMWAVE Champion will inevitably score his 2nd ever #1 ranking if he can keep up this momentum.


3.       Ricochet-On most weeks, a 4-0 weekend at Dragon Gate in Japan would put a wrestler of Ricochet’s stature at #1, easily, but this week was far more competitive than most weeks. While he’s not eligible for the Tag Team Top 5 due to his partners not competing in the U.S., Canada, or the UK in 2014, he did manage to win 4 tag team matches this week. “The Future of Flight” and former #1 in the Indy Power Rankings can certainly continue to win at Dragon Gate and if he does, it will be damn near impossible to keep him away from the #1 spot.


4.       Kevin Steen-The former ROH World Champion and 5 time former #1 in the Indy Power Rankings makes his first appearance in the Indy Power Rankings in 2014 this week. While it may seem insane that a wrestler like Steen hasn’t been ranked this year, it hasn’t been your typical dominant Kevin Steen year…until now. On 2/7 he went to AIW where he defeated “All Ego” Ethan Page. He then went to ROH on 2/9 and won a HUGE 4 Way Contest for a future ROH World Title shot over last week’s #2 (and last year’s #1 in the IPR 100) Michael Elgin, Jay Lethal, and ROH TV Champion Tommaso Ciampa. Could we see Steen return to the #1 spot again? Some gold would help make the case.


5.       Marcus Anthony-The OVW Heavyweight Champion drops just two spots this week but it wasn’t due to lack of activity this week. He managed to defeat Eddie Diamond on 2/5 AND 2/9 to continue his dominant winning streak. He’s another wrestler that flat out refuses to lose (except for by DQ when the circumstances dictate). Certainly on a slower week, he would have been a clear choice for #1, but for now he’ll have to settle for #4. More motivation for this monster…as if he needs it.


6.       Ron Mathis-It was a great week for ½ of the D1W Tag Team Champions as he went 3-0 (after 2 victories last week) to make it 5 wins over the last 2 weeks. On 2/5 at Rockstar Pro he defeated Ganger before returning to Rockstar Pro and scoring one of the biggest wins of his career vs. former ECW World Champion Rhino. He polished off the week with a win vs. Vance Desmond at Remix Pro. “Relentless” is a perfect moniker for this young star.


7.       Reed Bentley-The EPW Elite & DWW Alternative Champion made waves this week by defeating Chris Hero at IWA Mid-South in a battle of the brutal forearms. It was Chris Hero’s old trick that cost him the match as Bentley defeated him with the loaded elbow pad. A rematch looms in March, but for now, Bentley will enjoy his success after a 2-0 weekend where he also won in tag action, teaming with Adam Gooch to defeat Frank Wyatt & Alex Castle. We can continue to expect big things from Reed “By God” Bentley in 2014.


8.       Caleb Konley-The PWX Heavyweight Champion is a former #1 in the Indy Power Rankings, but just a little bit of gold isn’t enough for Konley. On 2/9 he challenged Cedric Alexander for the WrestleForce Title…and came out with a new title for his collection. It’s pretty obvious that Caleb Konley owns the Carolinas this point. Add to that, he defeated Pepper Parks at CZW on 2/8 as well. Can Konley continue to climb the IPR ladder and grab his 2nd ever #1 ranking? Time will tell.


9.       Josh Crane-After impressive performances over the last few months, Josh Crane finally gets into the Top 10 after going 3-0 over the weekend. On 2/8 he competed twice for IWA Mid-South as he defeated both Trik Davis & Todd Morton on separate shows. He then went to Beyond Wrestling’s St. Louis Tapings where he teamed with Tripp Cassidy to grab another victory vs. Dale Patricks & Marcus Edwards. This kid has a bright future and this could be just a taste of what’s to come.


10.    Gary Jay-The St. Louis Anarchy Champion has been toiling around in the Midwest for quite some time without the recognition he rightfully deserves. This week he gets just a bit of it as he scored a couple of big victories at IWA Mid-South. First he teamed with Christian Rose & Jordynne Grace to defeat Chris Hero, Angelus Layne, & Davey Vega. He then took on Davey Vega in a singles match later in the day and once again came out victorious in the opening contest. With a big title defense vs. Kyle O’Reilly upcoming, Gary Jay is hitting his stride at the perfect time.


1st Honorable Mention. Scrap Yard Dog-2-0 at FSPW and NEW Champion.


2nd Honorable Mention. Uhaa Nation-4-1 week at Dragon Gate in Japan.


3rd Honorable Mention. Chase Dakota-Was successful in his 9th CWF Mid-Atlantic TV Title defense.


Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:

Daniel Eads

Ryan Howe

Shane Marvel

Shane Hollister

Shaq Daddy

Ricky Love

AJ Smooth

Jack Thriller

Lee Valiant

Trevor Lee

John Skyler

AR Fox

Michael Elgin

Kimber Lee

Mickie Knuckles

David Mercury

Chasyn Rance

EJ Risk

Green Ant

Jay Briscoe

Brandon Espinosa

Jake Dirden

Slyck Wagner Brown

“Omaha Chainsaw” SM King
Horace the Psychopath

Tag Team Top 5 for the Week of February 10th, 2014


1.       Chicks Using Nasty Tactics (Annie Social & Kimber Lee)-If you feel like laughing or being offended, shorten their tag team name into initials. That being said this team is no joke. On 2/8 they teamed up to defeat Midwest Militia (Jessicka Havok & Sassy Stephie) for the WSU Tag Team Titles. They then defended and retained those same titles vs. Christina Von Eerie & Nevaeh. They become the first women ranked in the Tag Team Top 5 (Global Green Gangsters were ranked in the Indy Power Rankings Top10 in 2013 before TTT5 existed) on the strength of this dominant weekend.


2.       PPRay (Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas)-After a first round exit from PWG’s DDT4 last week, this West Coast tag team refocused and came out with a strong weekend. On 2/7 at EWF they defeated B-Boy & Mondo Vega. They then defended their CWF Hollywood Heritage Tag Team Titles vs. The Family Stone and once again came out on top. Look for this type of success to continue with their busy schedule across various California promotions.


3.       White America (Reed Bentley, Adam Gooch, & Trik Davis)-For the first time a 3 man group gets into the Tag Team Top 5 as a collective unit. Making the Fabulous Freebirds proud, this 3 man team went undefeated over the weekend at IWA Mid-South, both in singles, and tag team action. It was the tag team victories over Frank Wyatt & Alex Castle and Mean & Rotten (Mitch Page & Ian Rotten) that pushed them into the Top 5 this week. They came in 2nd in the online poll this week.


4.       BULLET CLUB (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows)-The IWGP Tag Team Champions continued their success this week as they won a 6 man tag on 2/4 and then retained their titles vs. Killer Elite Squad (Lance Hoyt & DH Smith) on 2/9. The former #1 in the Indy Power Rankings are continuing their path to their first #1 in the Tag Team Top 5. It will take more weeks like this to accomplish that goal!


5.       The Front (Ace Delic & Niles Sozio)-It was one HUGE win that gave the front their top 5 ranking this week. Their victory vs. Juicy Product (David Starr & JT Dunn), OI4K (Jake & Dave Crist), and Nation of Intoxication in a 4 Way at CZW on 2/8. That victory fueled their first ever ranking as a team and if they can win the CZW Tag Team Titles, it clearly won’t be their last.



1st Honorable Mention. Beaver Boys (John Silver & Alex Reynolds)-Retained the CZW titles at CZW’s 15th Anniversary Show vs. Murderers’ Row


2nd Honorable Mention. Team IOU (Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful)-2-1 weekend with the 2 wins in straight up tags while the loss was a 6 man tag. They were EASILY #1 in the new online poll this week.


Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:

Adrenaline RUSH

Love/Hate Machine

The Jollyville F***-Its


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Interview with Anthony “The Animal” Terrell


Yesterday evening (2/5/14), HIAC Talk Radio was pleased to welcome to the podcast for the first time exciting, undefeated MMA fighter, Anthony “The Animal” Terrell fighting out of Brazen Boxing and MMA in Philadelphia, PA.

The following interview (available below from the YouTube clip) is very illuminating as Anthony discusses how dancing from a young age has helped his MMA game, how watching Jackie Chan and other action films lit a fire for him to want to compete, getting over the hump and actually starting down the road to an eventual MMA fight career, turning pro at LITC 15 less than 1 year ago, his fights since turning pro, and looking forward to CFFC this Saturday.

However, likely one of the most important themes to come out of the interview was the family he has found at Brazen Boxing and MMA. The training center has truly developed this young fighter into a driven, well-spoken man. You can hear his passion, not only for fighting, but for Brazen during the interview.

It was a pleasure to speak with Anthony last night, and we at HIAC look forward to many more interviews coming up in the future. A very gracious thank you for his time.

Here is the interview in its entirety:

Here is his last fight from XFE 27:

For more information on Brazen Boxing and MMA, please check the website:

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Indy Power Rankings and Top Tag Teams for Feb. 3rd, 2014

Indy Power Rankings for the Week of February 3rd, 2014


1.       Matt Cage-It was another split vote this week for Indy Power Rankings voters, but in the end, “Money” Matt Cage barely grabs the #1 spot. It was his overall body of work in 2014 that helped earn him the top spot this week. He did, however, grab yet another victory this week as he defeated Mallaki Matthews at DREAMWAVE Season Premiere on 2/1. The SCW Heavyweight and AAW Heritage Champion has made 2014 absolutely “Money” on his way to his 2nd ever #1 ranking and his first this year.


2.       Michael Elgin-Unranked last week, but #2 this week and why? Because “Unbreakable” lived up to his nickname by defeating the back to back #1 in Shane Hollister in a brutal battle at DREAMWAVE Season Premiere on 2/1. He came within inches of becoming the #1 this week, but ultimately didn’t quite have the votes, possibly due to his tag team loss in PWG’s DDT4 tournament. The Unbreakable F’N Machines did make the semi-finals in a good effort though. 2014, much like 2013, has seen a refocused Elgin dominate as he continues to show what “Elgin Mode” is all about.


3.       Marcus Anthony-After being ranked #10 last week, the OVW Heavyweight Champion tore through the competition this week on the way to his highest ranking yet. He defeated ½ of the OVW Southern Tag Team Champions in Mohamed Ali Vaez on 1/29 and then followed that up with another victory over Johnny Spade on 2/1. He is on a path of destruction right now and it looks like he won’t stop until he reaches #1!


4.       Chase Owens-The first ranking of 2014 for Chase Owens is a high one as he had a successful title defense vs. Lt. Falk on 1/31 at NWA SAW. Not one to rest on his laurels, he defeated Jason Kincaid in a NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title #1 Contendership TLC Match on 2/1 at NWA Smoky Mountain. “The Real Deal” is proving that collecting titles is something he’s an expert at.


5.       Colt Cabana-“Boom Boom” is possibly the greatest ambassador to independent wrestling that the sport has ever known…and this week he gets ranked in the Indy Power Rankings once again. He had a much anticipated Best 2 out of 3 Falls match at National Pro Wrestling Day with former #1 in the IPR Drew Gulak, from which he emerged victorious. This independent star has been in and out of the Indy Power Rankings in 2014, but he has yet to reach the #1 spot. Can he maintain some consistency and accomplish yet another goal on the indies?


6.       Ryan Howe-Say what you want about Ryan Howe and the auspicious start to his career at Tough Enough…but what you have to admit is that recently…he flat out wins. He is on a meteoric rise at OVW right now, winning something in the range of 10 or 11 straight at this point. This week he defeated Jay Bradley once again in a Submission Match at OVW Saturday Night Special. Time will tell if he can continue this white hot win streak he’s on.


7.       Dave Crist-1/2 of Ohio is for Killers (OI4K) gets in this week after two more big wins. On 1/29 at Rockstar Pro, he defeated Kyle Maverick, Austin Bradley, and Trice in a 4 Way, before traveling to Clarksville, IN where he teamed with Apollo & Jake Crist to defeat Kyle Maverick, Austin Bradley, & Gabriel Gray. While he may be most known for tag team wrestling (a former #1 in the Tag Team Top 5 in fact), he is also tearing it up in singles in 2014.


8.       Tony Sly-While Tony Sly may not be someone that everyone is familiar with, he is starting to become a force to be reckoned with. Over the weekend he picked up one of his bigger wins as he defeated Gage Octane for the 3XW Heavyweight Championship in Des Moines, Iowa. Call him what you want as he looks down upon you for eating Cheetos and drinking Mountain Dew, but you better call him a champion. He won’t give you any other choice.


9.       B-Boy-“The New Age Punisher” hits the top 10 for the first time in 2014. He’s come very close, but strangely had not quite made it yet. This week he gets in after a tag team victory with Willie Mack vs. The RockNES Monsters at QPW on 2/1. His recent winning streak has been quite impressive on the West Coast. Can he bring that same type of success back to the Midwest again?


10.    Dasher Hatfield-In what many would consider the biggest upset of the weekend, “The Old Timey King of Swing” defeated the first (and last?) CHIKARA Grand Champion Eddie Kingston at National Pro Wrestling Day 2014. It was a huge victory for Hatfield, which spring boarded him into the top 10 for the very first time.


1st Honorable Mention. Kevin Steen-Defeated Chris Hero at QPW, reached the DDT4 Semi-Finals.


2nd Honorable Mention. Green Ant-Won a HUGE 10 Man Tag Team Match at NPWD ’14.


3rd Honorable Mention. Drake Younger-Defeated Chris Hero, Kyle O’Reilly, and Johnny Gargano in a 4 Way at PWG, but fell to Adam Thornstowe at QPW.


Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:



Dave Mastiff


Adam Thornstowe

Zack Sabre Jr.

Alex Castle

Reed Bentley

Eric Corvis

Brian Cage

Tommaso Ciampa

Mike Sydal

Tracy Smothers

Cedric Alexander

Jimmy Rockwell

Jeremy Wyatt

Jake Dirden

Nate Redwing

Aaron Williams

Sugar Dunkerton


Jack Thriller

Tag Team Top 5 for the Week of February 3rd, 2014


1.       Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent ?)-6-0 as a team. Let that sink in. Over the weekend they won perhaps the most prestigious tag team tournament in North America as they outlasted 7 other teams to win PWG’s DDT4 2014. 3 wins in one night vs. The RockNES Monsters, Adam Cole & Kevin Steen, and The Inner City Machine Guns EARNED them the UNANIMOUS #1 ranking this week. Perhaps a PWG World Tag Team Title run is on the horizon for this undefeated tag team.


2.       Michael Hayes & Mohamad Ali Vaez-For the second straight week, the OVW Southern Tag Team Champions are #2 in the Indy Power Rankings. This week they defeated Mobile Homers (Adam Revolver & Ted McNaler) to not only retain their titles, but to run Ted McNaler right out of OVW. They STILL have not lost a match as a team since December 7th, 2013.


3.       Black Hand Warriors (Michael Magnuson & David Delorean)-This week the WLW Tag Team Champions added another set of tag team titles to their trophy case as they defeated The Bum Rush Brothers for the Dynamo Pro Tag Team Titles. This is the first ranking in the top 5 for the double champions and with them collecting gold at a frantic pace, it’s likely it won’t be their last. Check them out on Facebook at


4.       OI4K (Jake & Dave Crist)-It was another successful week for the former #1 in the Tag Team Top 5 as they teamed with Apollo at D1W to defeat Kyle Maverick, Austin Bradley, & Gabriel Gray in 6 man tag team competition. With two big Rockstar Pro shows coming up this week, this could be their chance to recapture the #1 ranking.


5.       Inner City Machine Guns (Rich Swann & Ricochet)-While they may not have the greatest win-loss record as a team, they have never failed to impress. This weekend they got to the finals of DDT4 before ultimately falling to Best Friends in the finals. A 2-1 night in PWG is nothing to be ashamed of, and in fact, it gets them into the Top 5 for the very first time. Their victories were vs. ACH & AR Fox and The Unbreakable F’N Machines.



1st Honorable Mention. Helter Skelter (Alex Castle & Markus Crane)-Retained the DWW titles at DREAMWAVE Season Premiere in a big 4 Way Match.


Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:

The Baltic Siege

Sexy & Smooth

The Hooligans

Aaron Williams & Ron Mathis

Media Links for Indy Power Rankings:

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