The home of “Hell in a Cell Talk Radio”.  HIAC Talk Radio is a weekly podcast bringing you the top stars of independent wrestling and MMA through exclusive interviews. We also break down upcoming events, analyze past events, and produce exclusive LIVE Pre-Shows with the top independent companies on the East Coast scene.

The HIAC Crew:

“The Dean of Credibility” “Double D” – (Host/Producer)

Dean Dixon comes from a long line of creative projects. He has worked in television at KLVX-10 (now branded as Vegas PBS) as a camera operator, lighting technician, sound board operator and any other tasks assigned to him. He worked primarily on the weekly programs “Vegas Week In Review” and “Inside Education”.

He produced the film, “Silk City Diner” while in college. Dean has also written 3 full length screenplays and 1 short. Before starting HIAC Talk Radio, he was on-air talent on “The Tony Layne Show” off and on for over three years.

Dean has recently joined New Moon Rising Wrestling as the color commentator and the co-host of “The Scoop Slam”. He has also called matches for other independent promotions in the greater Philadelphia area. In addition, he made his debut ring announcing on April 13, 2013 for the Locked in the Cage promotion in Philadelphia, PA at LITC XV.


“The Above Average Comedian” Dan “The Man” Law – (Co-Host)
“OmegaSquad” Chris Green (Pro Wrestling/MMA Analyst)

Notable interviews:
Dan “The Beast” SevernUFC Hall of Fame (July 12, 2012)
Tully Blanchard – NWA & WWE Hall of Fame (Dec. 5, 2012)
Steve Corino – former NWA and ECW World Champion
DJ Hyde – CZW Owner
David DeKok – Renowned Author and Centralia, PA expert
The Reverend Bob Levy – Stand Up Comedian
Zach Gowen – Former WWE Superstar
John Philapavage  – Director of Barbed Wire City
Michael Kingston  – Creator/Writer of Headlocked

Recurring Interview Segment:
“A French Interruption” with Mr. Ooh La La (ECWA Hall of Fame and ECWA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner)

LIVE Pre Shows:
NMRW “Fully Loaded” (May 6, 2012)
ECWA “Raising The Bar” (June 2, 2012)
ECWA K Cup (October 6, 2012)
NMRW “PG-13 Expanded” (October 27, 2012)
NMRW “Fallout” (November 17, 2012)
NMRW “December to Remember” (December 15, 2012)
#OnPoint Wrestling “Now or Never!” (Jan. 5, 2013)
NMRW “Brawl For It All” (Jan. 19, 2013)
NMRW “Retaliation” (Feb. 16, 2013)
NMRW “Ides of March” (March 16, 2013)
NMRW “Conquest” (April 20, 2013)
NMRW “Reign of Fire” (May 18, 2013)
#OnPoint Wrestling “Nothing Else Matters” (May 25, 2013)
NMRW “HeatWave” (June 22,2013)
NMRW “Crowning Glory” (July 20, 2013)
Side Show Pro: “The Return of the Side Show” (July 27, 2013)
#OnPoint Wrestling “All or Nothing” (Sept. 28, 2013)

Special Episodes:
Extreme Reunion Results (April 29, 2012)
Special Interview w/ David DeKok (May 17, 2012)
“The Seeds of Patient Wisdom” w Mel Szarek (June 21, 2012)
Best of the Cell (July 4, 2012)
Special Minisode: Walking Dead Q&A (August 19, 2012)
HIAC takes over In the Room (September 4, 2012)
Kekoa’s Excellent Adventure (September 6, 2012)
Walking Dead Preview w/ DreamWarriors Horrorcast (October 12, 2012)
Best of II (November 21, 2012)
Special Minisode: Sami Callihan (December 7, 2012)
Year in Review (1st Annual Cellie Awards) (December 26, 2012)
WrestleCon Special (April 6, 2013)
#Shoot Series #1 w/ Aaron Gainey (June 26, 2013)
“Girl’s Night” w/ Chrissy Rivera and Addy Starr (July 10,2013)
#Shoot Series #2 w/ Robert Knight (August 21, 2013)
#OnPoint Press Scrum (August 25, 2013)
#Shoot Series #3 w/ Sozio (Niles Young) (August 28, 2013)
Headlocked w/ Michael Kingston (Sept. 7, 2013)
The HIAC Fan Appreciation Summit Symposium (Sept 21, 2013)
JFK 50 Part One: Interview w/ Dr. Lance Moore (Nov. 22, 2013)
JFK 50 Part Two: Interview w/ Jack Duffy (Nov. 23, 2013)


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